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Called all day and the message said to leave a message and you would return my call still waiting for a call back my number is 509 389 ****. Cant seem to ever get through to a person
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Incompetant Technician and POOR Customer Service

Appliance Hospital - Incompetant Technician and POOR Customer Service
Appliance Hospital - Incompetant Technician and POOR Customer Service
Updated by user May 12, 2022

Absolutely no contact was made to me from this company despite that fact that I sent a copy of this entire review to their cusotmer service email address.

Updated by user May 09, 2022

UPDATE 5/9/2022This story keeps getting better.After Appliance Hospital placed me on their Do Not Service list I was able to get a qualified tech from TNR Appliance out here to fix this ice maker.This tech started the triage from scratch and, UNLIKE Dwayne from...

Original review Apr 12, 2022
If I could give this company negative stars I would. The boatload of negative reviews should say it all, but I'll add my story to the long list. It should be noted that, while they claim to have been in business since 1947, they only obtained a B rating with the Better Business Bureau and are NOT accredited. Things that ma you say hmmmmmmm. I should start my story by stating that I did not hire this company as my Whirlpool refrigerator was under warranty. I would NEVER hire this company on my own volition. That said, my story begins on 6/5/21 - almost one year ago when my 9-month-old $2800 Kitchenaid refrigerator stopped making ice. Maybe for some people this is not a big deal, but I use over a gallon of ice every day, which is why I made sure to purchase a fridge that made ice. Appliance Hospital sent Dwayne to assess the damage on 6/10/21, who reeked so much of cigarette smoke that I had to spray Lysol in my home after he left to try to get rid of the smell. The cigarette burn hole on the shoulder of his work jacket was a classy touch. Those of you reading this is this the caliber of technician that YOU want coming into your home? He triaged the issue to stem from a short in the freezer door and had to replace the entire door. As luck would have it, the doors are not kept anywhere in stock and must be made to order at the factory taking up to 3 months to be shipped. I understand that this is outside of the control of Appliance Hospital, but I still expected follow-up from this company to keep me abreast of the part order. Three months later on 9/10/21 the part came in and Dwayne returned to replace it only to inform me that they Whirlpool sent the wrong part as the water line did not have the correct connector to connect to the fridge, so they had to order yet ANOTHER door! I said I want guarantee that the next door would be built correctly, which Dwayne said he had no control over. I said I wanted to speak to someone in management who could get involved in this order and ensure of the proper build, to which Dwayne stated he would relay the message. Of course, I never heard anything back as customer service is not this company's forte to say the least. To put a cherry on this cake I noticed upon their departure that their work van dripped oil on my driveway. FIVE MONTHS later on 11/17/21 I had not heard anything more about this door so I called Appliance Hospital for an update. At that time, I was informed that the order WAS LOST (WTH??!!) and that it had only recently been ordered on 11/5/21! Keep in mind that these doors take 3 months to manufacture so for the entire 5 months that I had been waiting for this door the door the order had never placed! No follow-up was conducted by Appliance Hospital to check on the status of the part. No follow-up was done with me. They simply did NOTHING. By this time, I am MAAAAAD. So, once again I called Appliance Hospital asking to speak to a management member as losing a part order that takes 3 months to produce was unacceptable to me. I was informed by the call agent that she would have someone call me. but do you think anyone did? You guessed it!!! NOPE! It took me THREE calls to them before I actually was able to speak to someone in a supervisory capacity who informed me that the best she could do was to expedite the order and have it drop shipped to my home. Fast forward to today 4/11/2022. FIVE more MONTHS later and good 'ol Dwayne arrived again to install the second door. Once again, he indicated that the door had an incorrect water line connector. At this point I am livid, and I questioned his ability to actually replace the part. I mean seriously! The manufacturer sent not one, but TWO doors and he claims neither one of them were manufactured correctly? Apparently, the smelly Smoking Man did not take too kindly to my questioning his technical capabilities as he turned around in a huff and left. I started recording the exchange to ensure accuracy and that, apparently, set him off even more. Within 10 minutes I receive a call from Steve Merriam, the owner, who stated that I needed to call Whirlpool directly as they refuse to deal with me further. So, I'm thinking - GREAT!!! Now I can get a QUALIFIED technician out here to replace this door. And that's exactly what I did. I have a different tech from a different company heading to my home in a few weeks to get this door replaced. Whirlpool does NOT believe that the part has been incorrectly manufactured and they are sending a senior tech out instructing them to contact Whirlpool techs directly if they need any assistance installing the door. NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Given the plethora of one star and negative reviews on this site along with others ( & BBB for example) I strongly recommend staying away from this Appliance Hospital. DOOR REFERENCE# 773091**** JOB ORDER# 147444
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This is almost exactly what happened to us. Couldn't find a leak in our dishwasher and after $800 in charges it still leaked.

I found a $0.50 O-ring that was bad. Complained to owner Steve Merriam and was put on the Do Not Service list. Arrogant, he was sorry I felt the way I did about being ripped off. Stay away.

Call anyone else but ARH. It should be AARRRGH.