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This charger is a fire hazard!!! The charger for my apple mac book pro got so hot that it would have started a fire, I believe, if I did not unplug it when I heard the computer making a funny sizzling sound. They only take it back if you pay the postage. They say that when they get it, they will send a refund. I did not want to spend more money with only a hope that they will send a refund. If they had sent a mailing label, I would not be...
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I purchased and paid for an item listed as a "Genuine MacBook Charger". The item shipped was a cheap generic knock off. Customer service refused a full refund and hung up on me when I called. This is a clear Bait and Switch operation. They advertise items that are listed a genuine but the items actually shipped are poor quality knock offs that can be purchased from other websites for a fraction of the cost. I have had to pursue legal...
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Apple Magsafe Charger Review

Ordered a Mac 85w charger that stopped working after 1.5 months. Shipped it back and no response to my emails checking status. Finally called and spoke to "Honey" (sounds made up) but anyway she said they could not refund but would ship another charger. I will never purchase from them again - both support and the products suck. I purchased the same charger from Apple and it's been working fine.