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I ordered a refurbished MacBook Pro and a GoPro from Walmart on 12/11, and specified the shipping that would have it here by 12/23 as a Christmas gift for my daughter. On 12/22 I got an email saying that delivery was actually going to be on 12/27. Not sure if ya picked up on this, but that's AFTER Christmas. As a result, I and my wife were forced to go to BestBuy and pay nearly $1,000 for a MacBook Air so that my daughter would have her gift to...
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Anonymous Oh my *** god I just bought a laptop. I didn't even read the reviews until after *** and they don't cancel omgomgomgomg

Although we initially had a few problems (MagSafe 2 charger was inoperable and the center portion of the keyboard would not illuminate), overall we are very satisfied with our refurbished Joy Systems MacBook Pro. I ordered this for my wife (a High School teacher) a few weeks before her classes were to start. She was nervous about transitioning from a PC to an Apple based product so I wanted her to have some time to learn the new operating system.
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I liked
  • Great product
  • Great customer service
  • Customer service
I didn't like
  • Problems with my original macbook pro