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This is with regards to the issues arising out of a new apple product. Firstly, buying a premium product already creates a hole in your pocket but on the top of it if it does not work fine then what to do about it i.e. even after spending good 90k from your hard earned...
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applehater Three major hardware component failures within a year GOING on a fourth major hardware failure only would Apple replace the system. However if it is determined that YOU damage...

I ordered a Mac Pro from them which was listed as "Cosmetic B- grade with moderate scratching/wear on the exterior chassis" and no mention of the case being bent.When it arrived I opened the box and it had clearly been under packed, one wrap bubble wrap (the packing...
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Newegg_Support Hello, Thank you for posting this review with your recent order experience and we’re sorry to hear that your computer had arrived with damage. I understand that we had offered...

As a fanatic apple user, desktop five mac book airs, two apple watches, six iphones, two ipads in our house i am done with mac and tell everyone i can to stay clear. I talked a client out of buying one this week. We have had three of the six computers fail within two...
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Apple Laptop Review

Dont buy macbook air at wallmart. Its a ripped off. Stay away from this item save your money.
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Why do you suck so badly now? personally I own three laptops air, 11, 15 inch and have been a laptop owner since the black case of old. I own a desktop with a motherboard that no longer works, my 3rd apple desktop. I have own a 4s, 6s and my kids both have 5c's....
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  • Lack of support from apple
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  • Being lied to
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Problem Description - The USB Port on the left side of my MacBook doesn't function. It stops working with a warning and at any given time. Video: PLEASE OPEN THE LINK TO FIND THE VIDEO RECORDING OF THE ISSUE TO YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEMS I GO THROUGH ON A REGULAR...
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Hey Mr. Apple ( I am addressing the organisation as whole) you may have made the name by making fantastic products but you must know the arrogance of success will lead you to the path of destruction. If you will plunder our hard earned money like this then the day is...
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My MacBook would not boot and recognize the hard drive. Took it to the Apple store in Woodcliff Lake, NJ under it's AppleCare plan. Tech said there was a foreign substance in the computer and would fix it for $785. Nothing was spilled on the computer and it was...
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EG Apple has been documented to steal/intercept messages and phones to/from Android customers. There is currently a class action suit initiated by Adrienne Moore.It appears that ...

I am having an issue with my macbook pro purchased in Feb. 2013 and running the latest version of Mavericks (10.9.2) with random repeated dropped Wifi signal.  Problem occurs with multiple WiFi routers and locations and other machine/devices in the same area connected...
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My old hard drive crashed three years ago. My ID and password for my iTunes account was in it. When I got my new laptop, I spent DAYS and DAYS trying to find information on the internet on how to reach SOMEBODY at iTunes for information about resetting my ID and...
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Anonymous Probably because itunes support reps can't help with password issues. Go to and search for precious id, you can send an email to yourself to reset your password....

both my Apple laptop and ipod touch have stopped working. The fix for the laptop was $850 and the ipod was $89. Both were less than 16months old. Apple has great technology but their quality is horrible. I spent $2300 for the laptop and $200 for the ipod. The Ipod just...
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duh $850 for a hard drive?????? I bet I could buy a faster PC with more storage for $850 and then use your macbook as a mousepad, lol.