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HENRY VS APPLE Round 1 Almost a year ago, I decided to buy an iPhone 6 plus, the large one. After a couple of days I discovered that everytime I would search for a contact it would freeze for a couple of minutes until it would again get going at which point all the keys I had pressed would appear at once. This became very annoying for obvious reasons. I took the phone to the Apple Store, where they wasted 3 hours of my time and ended up...
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Anonymous Absolutely no interest from Apple to resolve

I liked
  • Technology
  • Features
  • Design
I didn't like
  • Does not care about customer satisfaction
  • Plays dumb
  • Discovered defective engineering and will not make it good
In May of 2015 I made the mistake of buying an IPhone 6 Plus from Apple. About that very time Forbes and other publishers presented articles after Apple admitted that the device had major problems. I tried to return the unused device for a reimbursement but employees at Apple's store in Pentagon City Mall refused. I wasn't happy being pushed around by a corporation that knowingly sold a defective product but because I expected problems I...
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applehater When you buy an Apple product, it comes with its one year warranty. Should you have an issue within the one year warranty, Apple will fix or replace your product free of charg...

Apple Iphone 6s Plus Cell Phone Review

I've had my phone for less then a year. My screen is pink now and purples some other time if not green. Went to get it looked at because it's still under warranty. They said is a screen problem the warranty doesn't cover that. I have to pay $100 to get it fix. And that's with apple care.

Apple Iphone 6s Plus Cell Phone Review

My phone has never worked right . I've been to the sprint store numerous times. And have never been offered a different phone. If I'm not on wifi I can't get anything or use anything. They have wiped out my phone and had to start over... Did not help at all.. Very tired upset and finished with sprint. It's a joke