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Rude Staff Supervisor Costing Apple Dental Business

Had an appointment canceled for no apparent reason, close to the appointment date after having the appointment set up weeks in advance. When I questioned it, the staff lady (Asian-sounding) was rude, arrogant, and even nasty which I gave right back to her since she acts with impunity and thinks she can get away with it. I filed a complaint with the Dental Board - and recommend you do, too, if you have any problems there including with surly staffers. I have now dumped Apple Dental and recommended to my insurance provider that they remove the company from its roster. I also recommend you do the same. It's too bad because the dentists might be good but the low-level supervisor (that's what she claimed her title is but who knows, and she should not be if so) is costing them business. Hopefully the Apple Dental owners and dentists see this post and dismiss this bad employee. Terrible phone manner, scheduling ability, people skills, competence and is totally unprofessional. The appointment was canceled with a late-night phone message with a no-good explanation because what she claimed was wrong, and the appointment could have been easily kept. Wondering if this was some sort of money-grab due to a higher-paying service customer becoming available at the time of my appointment?! Dental Board to investigate. This employee is pathetic and if I could give zero stars here I would.
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  • Values money over customer needs
  • Incompetent
  • Rude and nasty customer service supervisor

Preferred solution: Dismiss bad customer service supervisor and replace with friendly person. Also, no money-grabbing over customer needs.

User's recommendation: Complain To Dental Board And Regulators To Avoid Potential Money-Grab By Apple Dental