Arthur D Cbi
map-marker Dubai, Dubai

Failed to honor refund policy

When you purchase a product from Apex SQL through its vendor share-it!, the purchase page and its terms state that you are entitled to revoke your purchase for any reason if you have not downloaded and activated a product. If you approach either Apex SQL, they will quote a Sales FAQ page tucked away in a corner of their website which states that they do not offer refunds, but only refunds in kind. If you approach share-it, they'll wash their hands off your case and request Apex SQL to approve the refund, but guess what, Apex SQL will refuse to facilitate the refund, even though share-it is presumably prepared to offer it. Put yourself in my shoes as a customer and imagine what it must feel like to be told that despite having agreed to the terms in the purchase flow of a piece of software, that you would be held to the Sales FAQs tucked away in a corner on a product's promotional page. Now imagine what would happen to consumer rights if every company in the world did the same.
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