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We purchased insurance from Aon (Royal Caribbean's insurance protection company) in July before the doctor had given him this information. Of course, Aon took our money but would not pay anything towards the $3000.00 we lost. The doctor also wrote a letter to them. The best part is, we got an "I'm sorry" from Royal Caribbean but they offered NOTHING as a good customer satisfaction token. No upgrade, discount on future cruise, specialty dining...
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Aon travel insurance is a rip off they take forever with your claim so they can refuse to pay the claim. Getting a reimbursement to change a name is impossible....remember the Carnival cruise was not cancel just needed to change names from one person to another cost $150 and non refundable by Aon *** insursance they profit off the customer trip insurance for their profit. Please find out who is the insurance company before you book a cruise or...
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On their way to their great vacation, my mother-in-law had a stroke and was admitted to the hospital ICU, requiring my wife and daughter to re-book their flight. We consulted AON and were advised to fill up a form, gather the proper supporting documents and send it to AON, which we did. We are extremely happy and satisfied to get 100% of the refund for the cost of adjusting the tickets, which was over USD 1,000.00. A big sigh of relief. AON is...
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Anonymous How long did it take you to get your money back if you don't mind me asking? I had a death in the family, which I was told by an AON representative was the number one reason ...


Anonymous Consider yourself lucky. My family member had sudden vision loss and was ordered a different treatment plan. We can't get our flight reimbursed. Can't even get a helpful perso...

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