Fack Y Iaq
map-marker King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Do not buy ANYTHING from this site.

I purchased 2 pairs of glasses for $40ish dollars. The pairs I received were a joke. On one pair the arms of the glasses were so obtuse they would not stay on your head, same with nose rest pieces, basically non existent to the point where the lenses were resting on my nose. The second pair was the exact opposite. Too small to even fit on a toddlers face. both pairs were bent/crooked. This website is buying the factory defect pairs of the sunglasses youd buy at a gas station. I typically were gas station sunglasses for maybe $10 or $15 a pair and they are always decent. I spent almost $45 on these 2 pairs from this website and they are 100% unusable. I will be leaving a review with the BBB, this website is an out right scam.
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Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Do not purchase anything from this website

Jeff M Aqx
map-marker San Diego, California

Sunglasses from anysunglasses.com

Ordered sunglasses from anysunglasses.com and was sent what appears to be factory second sunglasses. One side was lower than the other, so it sits on an angle on your face. Sent them back and it cost me $9.65 in shipping because they are in Idaho. I asked them to please check before reshipping and they sent me sunglasses with the same problem. I complained and they reimbursed me, but everyone should know that they look like they may be dealing in factory seconds. I don't think it is a case of outright fraud because they may have gotten a bad batch of sunglasses from some manufacturer. Anyway, buy at your own risk.
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Art for Your Home Not Museums

Mar 7, 2022

Art at home can add a special touch to interior design. In this video interview with Leonid Afremov Studio, we talk about art and the world-known artist, Leonid Afremov. Learn more about the unique technique that makes his paintings so special and how the studio is still in business.

David Afremov
David Afremov

David Afremov is a co-founder of Leonid Afremov Studio, where you can order original oil paintings, canvas, and giclee from the world-renowned artist Leonid Afremov.