Postal annex charges for dropping off packages with a return label!

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Some *** tried to charge me $1.00 per package when I went in to drop of some returns to Amazon. The boxes had return labels on them, I told him that and that it was free, he said "No. It's one dollar per package." I left with my boxes and dropped them off at a UPS Store for FREE like it's supposed to be. That guy was literally trying to scam me. DO NOT GO HERE. Nothing much else to say but gotta fill the word count somehow, la lala, la la la lala, dum da dum da dooooo, ooh wooooo.
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Postal Annex - charged $20 for lightweight envelope and won't be delivered for 11 days!!!

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This Pissed Consumer review is for the INCREDIBLY TERRIBLE service provided by the Postal Annex of Lemon Grove, CA located at 7107 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945. There's a 1 star rating for this place here: Here's the short version of my complaint: Mom dropped off a large envelope at this Postal Annex October 31st. It will be delivered to me on Nov 11th. My mom shipped me a time-sensitive legal document and a wristwatch on October 31st according to the tracking information. Though outrageously overpriced she chose to use UPS for legitimate reasons. The guy that works there told her the package would be picked up the next day, a Saturday, and delivered to me on Tuesday or Wednesday. On Wednesday I didn't have the package and the UPS tracking information said that a label had been created but they didn't have it. I called the Postal Annex and told the guy what was wrong. He insisted that despite the tracking information my package had gone out on Saturday. I said OK and that was that. Two days later the package showed that it had been picked up on the 5th and it would be delivered to my house on the 11th. My mom sent this package on the 31st and the delivery estimate is the 11th. She paid around $20.00 to ship this and it's going to get to me 11 days later??? I called the Postal Annex over and over but they wouldn't answer their phone. So I called UPS saying I wanted my mom to be given a refund because they charged her around $20.00 to ship this, she had shipped it on the 1st (because I thought it had been shipped on the 1st of November not October 31st) and it was going to take 10 days to get to me. That's unacceptable, I told them. They said I had to call the Postal Annex about that and, just so I knew, they didn't pick up on Saturdays. I tried the Postal Annex over and over until they FINALLY answered the phone. This time it was some mongoloid foreign woman. I asked to speak to the manager, she said "What?" I said I wanted to speak to the manager, she said "Who is this?" I said I was calling to get a refund and I wanted to speak to the manager. She said "I can help you." I said "...Are you THE MANAGER?" And she gave me a long drawn out "Yes" with a question mark at the end like SHE was asking ME! I said "You're the manager." and she said "Yes." There was nothing I could do if she was lying so I went ahead and explained the situation to her: This package with tracking number blah blah was shipped on the 31st and won't reach me until the 11th. She said it was picked up on Saturday and I told her that UPS said they didn't pick up on Saturday! THEN she lied and said it was picked up on Monday and I told her it was right there on the tracking page that it was picked up on Weds the 5th! I said my mom dropped it off on the 31st and it would be delivered on the 11th, my mom didn't pay $20.00 for it to take 11 days to reach me, I was in another state but it doesn't take 11 days for domestic mail to get from one place to another. I wanted to confirm she could go in and get a refund. The Postal Annex woman said that she had to talk to UPS because they were responsible for giving me a refund. I told her I had called them first and they told me to call the Postal Annex. She said she would call them and call me back before the end of the day. Of course she never called me back so I called them before they closed that day. When I FINALLY got through to them (why won't they answer their phone? Too many complaints from customers they've ripped off?) she said that if it was late they would refund my mom. I told her it was already late - it was going to take 11 days to be delivered to me. She said she had to talk to UPS but if it was late she would give my mom a refund. I asserted that it was already late, did she agree it was late?, because it doesn't take 10 days for mail to get somewhere DOMESTICALLY. She said if it was late she would give my mom a refund (meaning that if it was delivered on the 11th she would NOT give my mom a refund as it wasn't delivered "late") so I said "I'll ask UPS to call you." and hung up. I couldn't get through to UPS (long wait time) so I had a Chat with them and the guy I got at UPS was as bad as that woman, he didn't care and said I had to talk to the Postal Annex. I found the corporate office phone number for the Postal Annex and, to make an even longer story shorter, the very nice man I spoke to there called both UPS and the Postal Annex in Lemon Grove and... if it is delivered on the 11th my mom will get a refund. I guess if they bring it on the 10th they consider this whole ordeal no harm done. We'll never use this or any other Postal Annex again.
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This is almost exactly what I'm experiencing in Jacksonville, NC. I paid for 2 day shipping, it was meant to arrive last Saturday by 2:30.

It's STILL only showing the label has been created. Called a manager, she told me she'didn't call fedex and call me back. Hours later she hasn't. She also told me that I'd have the go to fedex for a refund, but both fedex's AND postal and annex's tracking system says it's never LEFT THEIR BUILDING.

Plus I'm sorry but a fedex refund will only be $40 out of $70, not ok! Do you say still have corporates info?


TO "OP":

How embarrassed your mom must be to have a daughter like you! I do wonder what line of work you're in...

It sounds like you have valid concerns, but how can you be expected to be taken seriously when you spew such prejudice and trash talk?

I am not an employee, owner, or otherwise of Annex or Postal Annex+.

I haven't used Postal Annex+ services yet (am looking at feedback), but believe me, your immature reviews won't sway me negatively. And I'm willing to be that I speak for many others.


Oh, but my mom DOES still have her reciept. Thank goodness.

They must be really really POOR if they get someone's package delivered after 11 days and will do everything in their power to not refund a customer's money!

Maybe they should go back to "Mindia" where *** is cheaper. It would be GOOD RIDDANCE!


Update: Just so there wouldn't be any problems when my mom went to the Postal Annex to get her refund I gave her the corporate office number and the name of the man I spoke to (Dan). She called him all day but was unable to get through.

The last white woman in San Diego was answering the phone there and she was a *** little tramp with a bad attitude, very rude and impatient with perfectly normal callers. She eventually gave my mom that *** Dan's voicemail and mom left a message. An hour later he hadn't called back so I called the corporate office and spoke to the rude ***. I asked to speak to Dan and she said he was on the other line, did I want his voicemail.

I told her that my mom had called him an hour ago and he hadn't called back. Longer story short, she had a seriously bad attitude and was unhelpful and rude. I never got to speak to that ***, Dan, who I'm sure was certainly NOT "on an important call" on a freaking Tuesday ALL DAY LONG. He was nice when I spoke to him the first time but with the receptionist's foul attitude I felt like he'd told her not to let me or my mom through or something - even though he had complimented my patient and politeness when I spoke to him about the problem, even giving me his email address to submit further documentation if I wanted.

Because I wanted Dan to call the postal annex again and let them know my mom was coming in for a refund so they wouldn't pretend to have no knowledge of their talk and agreement to give a refund if it arrived today, but he wouldn't answer his phone, I asked the receptionist if she was able to call for the reason I stated above. She then adopted a tone like I was *** and said that Dan needed to do that, not her. I said "I assume you close at five." She said "We do." and it was about 15 minutes 'till, so I explained that I just wanted to get this taken care of today because it was important. I asked for Dan's direct line and she said "It's just this number that you've been calling." like I was a huge annoyance.

What a ***. I said "Oh. OK." and hung up, being careful not to say Thank You due to her terrible attitude. I called the postal annex to let them know it had been delivered today and my mom would be coming in to get the refund they'd agreed to with Dan from corporate and the p*ssy dude who works there said "Hold on." and handed the phone off to his mongoloid Indian mother or whatever she is.

She acted like she had no knowledge of anything and made me give her my last name, first name and phone number. I gave her the tracking number and she said the refund would come from UPS! I told her she had agreed to give my mom a refund if it arrived on the 11th and it had, so she was coming in to pick up her refund today. "Is that OK?" I asked politely.

She hemmed and hawed and said she couldn't get the refund today and said she had to call UPS because the refund would come from them. I said again that she had made an agreement with the corporate office and she said she was going to call UPS. We hung up. She called me a few minutes later and said that my mom could come in tomorrow.

Then she added, with a weird tone like she was throwing this in as a last ditch effort (maybe that p*ssified *** of a son she has mouthed this to her) "She has to bring in her receipt." It's been 11 days so I didn't think my mom still had her receipt. Why the *** would she have a receipt from the postal annex after 11 days? I told the mongoloid Indian woman that they'd agreed to give a refund. She said "I didn't agree." I said that it arrived on the 11th and my mom was due a refund as they had agreed.

She said she had to bring the receipt. I said "But what if she doesn't have the receipt? Will she still get the refund? Because it arrived on the 11th as you can see from the tracking information and she was waited on by that man that handed the phone off to you.

PLus I've called and talked to him AND you about this so you know it was shipped by you." She said "Have her bring her receipt." I said "What if she doesn't have it?" and she said "She has to bring her receipt." For sh*t's sake the tracking info even SAYS it was picked up at the postal annex with their store number on my tracking info! I thought my mom didn't have the receipt so I said "We'll take you to small claims court if we have to, because..." and she said "OK, thank you!" and hung up.

I genuinely hate this mongoloid Indian woman and her p*ssy half mexican son due to their literally scammer ways.

They do you a great disservice and do everything they can to NOT give you your money back or remedy the situation in any way.


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