Angel Oaks Home Loans is an absolute joke!

I really wish I would have searched Angel Oak Home Loans Reviews before ever submitting an online application. Angel Oak Home Loans presents themselves initially as a professional organization. On first contact they are responsive and seemingly helpful. However, once the process starts communication slows to a halt and customer service gets bad quickly. We submitted an application and got an immediate approval. The usual process began of submitting additional documentation and the response time and follow up diminished. A week would go by and the obviously inexperienced Angel Oaks Mortgage consultant would need “just one more item”. Finally we made it through the underwriting process and set a close date. My family packed all of our belongings in anticipation of the move. Angel Oaks Home Loans submitted the final closing documents to the title company and instructed me on the exact amount I would need for the down payment. ON THE DAY OF CLOSING, My wife and I had breakfast super excited with the anticipation of closing. We pull up to the title company for our 11 am closing with a cashiers check in hand and literally at 10:58 my phone rings and it’s my Angel Oaks Mortgage broker. He informs me that the underwriter needs me to provide a couple more items before closing and that we would NOT be able to close as scheduled. You can imagine the let down to my wife and children not to mention the embarrassment in front of the agents, title company, and sellers. The sellers had already moved out of state and were back in town specifically for the closing. They were furious and rightfully so. I quickly escalated the situation to the corporate office above the head of my inept Angel Oaks Mortgage Consultant and was met with the same level of careless excuses. This organization is a total joke! Trust me when I tell you to NEVER, EVER even think about doing business with Angel Oak Home Loans. This is the most unprofessional organization I have ever done business with. It’s just bad business and you don’t do that to families. Trust me, RUN!!! How is it even possible to make it through underwriting and at the closing table have your lender telll you it’s not going to work? I seriously hope this posts keeps another family from the ultimate let down by these clowns. I called another mortgage company and the loan will be closed within the next 10 business days. The other mortgage professionals I discussed this with said they have never even heard of Angel Oaks Mortgage or this happening and that it’s quite obvious that Angel Oaks Loans doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing. What a complete waste of two months of my time. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANGEL OAK HOME LOANS!
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Poor customer service
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THANK YOU I need all the do's, don't, and stay away from I can get being this is all new for me.