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I placed order & Haven't received my order yet

Never received my *** order send my item or Im going to court to get my money back.....

User's recommendation: Never again.

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I am very happy with the purchase of andropenis

I am very happy with the purchase of andropenis. My urologist recommended this device. Andromedical is the only company which has a real medical support. I have read that andropenis is the original device patented in the USA, and the other devices have poor quality or they are Chinese counterfeits. When you call them by +phone, doctors answer you.
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  • Urologist recommended this device
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Andropenis Review

Hope my Andropenis review helps others. I purchased a while ago, maybe 6 or 7 months and bought the top of the line package. Well I must say to receive your order in bits and pieces is not professional. The device itself seems cheaply made, then low and behold I look on the box IT'S MADE IN CHINA. Seriously Andromedical, wtf are you doing trying to dress up a cheaply made "medical device" as the best thing out there when the quality is low like this. Anyway I went on with using as per instructions, building up as I go and it got to a point where I just couldn't add anymore so it meant I would not be following instructions. I stuck to what discomfort I could bare for 3 solid months, and not one single cm was gained. I do believe there was some side effects, my erection go weaker after the first month, didn't think much of it, but after month 2 I could barely keep it up in the bedroom anymore which is definitely not like me. I didn't realise at the time it was Andropenis doing it so kept using for another month. Well after measuring once a month for 3 months and having the erection quality issue I stopped, about 3 week later my erections started coming back but it took a while longer and I'm still not sure if I'm back to 100%. That plus I got really puffy/bloated skin around the part where it hold the penis head. Overall, not an effective product and it caused side effects. Not happy.
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Fake review. Have degree in physcology and can tell person is lying.

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Unable to obtain silicone bands for Andropenis

As the proud owner of an Andropenis device I am aware that the silicone bands do wear out . Hey ,thats not unreasonable but I am unable to purchase any more from your web site which is sad as this now makes the device redundant,shame as it was just showing good results ! Help me please ! have followed the instructions to the letter but no matter what I do the bands do just wear out I presume it happens as you take the device off .the bands also do not take well to being washed which one must do to keep them clean and dirt free.I would like to say what a great piece of kit the Andropenis is but the silicone band is letting it down
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Hello Sir. You are right in that the manufacturer has decided not to sell individual spare parts like the silicone bands any more. However, we are one of the only authorized distributors who still sell spare parts for the Andropenis and you can purchase them here

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London, England
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Order processing issue
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Andropenis is a scam!

The andropenis *** extender is a complete waste of money! i bought mine last week and paid for overnight shipping but received it almost 5 days late. on top of all of that, i ordered a gold premium edition *** extender and they sent me a regular gold with less features and when i called them to complain, they didnt give me back my money they just issued me a discount off my next purchase! eeven though im never buying from them again! dont buy from them, they are a scam! and i was really hoping it would work. Oh well
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I think this first reviewer is a scam. Jazzer, I'll hold my tongue.

Complaining that it came late or not as you ordered is hardly something you should leave a "scam" report about. Andropenis Gold is actually one of the best legit products out there for men such as yourself (obviously) that have a small ***.

@ Andro User:

I tried many products before I tried Andropenis Gold. I will say 1 thing for sure, the noose style such as what the Andropenis has is the ONLY style that will allow you to wear at higher tensions when you become more of an advanced user. There is a specific technique you need to use with the noose style to prevent the slip offs, any decent company who sells it should be able to tell you what it is. You definitely can get other styles but IMO they only cater for the unaware beginner who is still does not know that at later stages the tension is wound right up. Try and do that with any of those 100 in 1 *** hybrid straps or whatever, if you think the noose slips off, you've got another thing coming with the other styles.

I never wore mine for more than 4 hrs a day, and lastly after a few weeks the silicone bands will need to be replaced, that's why you get the spares. Ando User - you were obviously a novice user that had no insight on how to get around issues or to even ask for some customer support it seems, all the issues you had I figured out or asked about within a week or two and I kept using for 4 months very regularly.

I was already at 7 inches but wanted more, as we do...but I regret it a little bit now. At my current measurement of 8.25 inches I can no longer do my wife "hard" like I used to. Just a word of warning for those out there that want to give Andropenis Gold a try, it does work, but you should be sensible about what you want as a goal. IMO anything over 8 inches is probably too big, unless of course you want to work in ***, or perhaps if your partner has a very deep ***. Sincerely, Bill


The truth about Andropenis is that it is sub par compared to other extenders out there. Yes it will help you to increase your size but the tubing designed to keep the head of your *** stretched is inadequate at best to do the job.

If you plan to wear this you will likely need to remain motionless for the nine hours it prescribes after the evolution period because the tubing slips free with frustrating regularity.

After several weeks of using the product the tubing began to stretch in such a way that it would no longer remain in the housing pulling free and making moving while wearing the product almost impossible as it constantly need to be fixed. Until the issue can be address I would suggest using a different product with a more secure restraint for the head.


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Andropenis is not a scam, it worked for me . I am very happy with the results I get and with the good quality of their customer service.

I was very afraid because they are a lot of companies but I think I have been very lucky to find Andromedical.

They are serious. I recommend.


I disagree, it worked for me. Mine cam with a few extra techniques, maybe contact them to see if they will sell them to you seperately?

Besides, something that arrives late or inclomplete is hardly grounds to be called on as a scam.


So you bought it, didn;t get the premium version, ok fair enough, but how long have you been using it to say its a scam and doesnt work, a day? haha ok, your pathetic and have a small ***, good luck to you.

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