Stay away! Use any other tour company

We were interested in a tour of Italy in Oct. 2019. Sent a $ 600 deposit in Feb. 2019. An unexpected medical problem arose which required surgery. We informed the owner of Andiamo about the surgery and she has been adamant about not returning our deposit. Do not do business with this company. They are out for money and will take it any way than can get it.
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  • Are out for money and that is it
Reason of review:
Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy

Preferred solution: Full refund

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Travel Tips: Airbnb VS Traditional Renting

Oct 30, 2020

Is it safe to rent from local vacation rental owners? What are the pros and cons of Airbnb and VRBO? Mary Branum, a vacation rentals expert, shares her tips on how to look for places to stay, what are the best vacation rentals websites, how to avoid scams during bookings, and what to do if you face some issues.

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Mary Branum
Mary Branum

Mary Branum is a vacation rental expert, owner of Galveston Island and President of STROAG.