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Contact the AG's office for help they are surprisingly helpful for consumers who have been wronged.
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#1779433 Review #1779433 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Detroit, Michigan

Promised a purebred puppy with papers and health checks

I have not gotten any papers from Amy still to this day! I have not had any contact for years. She makes up excuse after excuse as to why she can't or won't send the paperwork! My puppy is currently 7 years old and on medication for hip and joint problems. Have had issues with hips and joints for quite a few years. My best advice is to NOT buy anything from this breeder as i believe she only breeds for money and not quality
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#1508577 Review #1508577 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Amys Acres King Shepherds King Shepherd Dog

Amys Acres King Shepherds - Review in Animals category

She’s crazy. Don’t believe her lies. I promise you’ll regret it.
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#1306283 Review #1306283 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Bad quality

Amys Acres King Shepherds - King Shepherd Dog Review from Houston, Texas

I bought a beautiful puppy from her after my nephew passed away (the pup was suppose to be for him)...the pup , Meeka, is probably one of the most intelligent, beautiful dogs i have ever owned.. I think the bad reviews are not fair because i couldnt asked for a more wonderful beautiful white shepherd with absolutely no health issues at all Terri in texas
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I had two beautiful King Shepherds from AAKS. They were very sweet dogs.

Unfortunately, I lost them both at a fairly young age to degenerative myelopathy, a disease that is very easy to screen when breeding. A tremendous tragedy that could had been avoided had she tested her breeding dogs.

#894390 Review #894390 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas
Amys Acres King Shepherds King Shepherd Dog

Review in Animal Services category from Nashville, Tennessee

Well ... It has been a few years but I had contact with Amy Giese as well. We discussed purchasing a puppy after seeing a large male at a local per shop. The owner who was just discharged from the Army told me to contact Amy's Acres... Long story short the cost of the puppy doubled after the first conversation. She wanted stud rights and it was up to me to bring the dog back to Minnesota when she wanted. $1600 to $3200 and a signed agreement plus $550 crate and airfare fee was too much. Wish she wasn't so greedy.... Some of the puppies were beautiful... Just read the previous persons complaint. The health of the dog was never mentioned...buyer beware!!
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#745539 Review #745539 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Nashville, Tennessee
Amys Acres King Shepherds Dog

Poor Communication, failure to Uphold contract

Reading this, Amy will know exactly who her customer is. I put a deposit down in April of 2014 and as of now have yet to know if I will EVER receive a puppy from any of the litters. I had to send reports to the BBB and the AGO and through paypal to get any sort of response from them. They "assured" me I will get an update on the puppies by March. That has not happened. Once again, I have lost all communication with them. The only thing they're good at responding to is money. I may be apt to change my review if I ever get my money back or a decent pup from this seller.
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As of now,have you received any compensation/refund for monies paid to Amy ?

Also the BBB and AGO has not been helpful in the past with other past customers of Amy either.Wishing you luck and hoping your experience has a better outcome than all the others.


The office of the Michigan BBB is an absolute waste of time and energy in my opinion.After numerous complaints from numerous clients,the BBB continues to promote this business giving it complimentary ratings while fully informed by multiple consumers of the issues/fraudulent actions of Amy's Acres King Shepherds.Perhaps the BBB should be held accountable for promoting these practices and assisting AAKS in continuing her illegal and immoral business practices.

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#633091 Review #633091 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Seattle, Washington
  • Poor communication
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Deliver product or service ordered
New Reviewer

Aggressive Dog (Lady) Attacked Me

I had boarded my horse at Amy's for a while (over a year?), and decided to go see him, since she gave me permission to go out to her property whenever I wanted. I boarded another horse there back when I was a kid, so I trusted everything to be okay. There were puppies in the barn, on my way to the horse pasture. I walked past them, and all of a sudden, the mother dog came barreling out of the house. Mind you, Amy KNEW that this dog was aggressive when nursing a litter. The pups were probably 8-10 weeks old. The dog (Lady was her name) was old...about 9 or 10 years...and had been bred her entire life, and was always known to be aggressive around her pups. Lady attacked me, over and over. I have a horrible scar on my leg. She tore my pants to shreds on my right leg. She also managed to grab my arm and upper thigh. Shortly after the attack, Amy forced me to move my horse from her property, and evicted me from the apartment I was renting from her. She's a joke. A horrible person. Stay away from her, and do NOT purchase a puppy from a lot of them come from Lady and her progeny. You'll see Lady on her website. Amy is a liar, and a user. This is coming from someone that's known her for 10+ years.
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I totally agree. Back yard breeder


Krystal, I find it odd that you would go online to post half truths and more lies. Yes I have known you since you were 12 years old and when your step dad sold your horse with out your knowledge, I bought him to ensure he did not end up as likely the latest horse you had did.

I no longer board horses, but went well out of my way and hauled my trailer two and a half hours to get a good deal on a horse that you were to have gelded as he was a stud, you never did that, nor vaccinated or wormed him.

When Lady had her pups they were out to the barn in a run out ex pen and you were asked to call before coming over, which you did not. Yes Lady did *** you, and I immediately called our local Sheriff's Dpt. as it was after hours for animal control, but they did put me through to our local animal control officer.

You said you would just go home and wash up, and I insisted that you go to the hospital and have the bit washed and get a tetness shot, which you did and I paid for.

I also gave you three months free rent which was almost $1500.00 and three months free horse board for another $450.00 as I just felt awful.

Well 9 months past after the dog ***, and you ended up having 5 dogs, 3 cats, and 32 rats in a brand new remodeled apartment that no one else had ever lived in, and ruined the apartment and the neighbors were complaining. What really got you in the situation is your horse became ill, and only charging you $150.00 per month board, after the horse that was never gelded broke through our arena two times causing hundreds of dollars in damage, and also blowing through the electrical fence into our neighbors hay field, I was given a ticket for your horse for $175.00, when your horse got diarrhea which is a real concern for horses, I isolated him into a stall and had to track you down, had you take stool into the vet, and pick up some medicine, which I ended up having to pay for as you didn't pay your bills nor could you say when the last time you wormed your horse, nor had you EVER vaccinated him. I advised you that you were paying $150.00 per month for pasture board and beings you drove by our home one the way to and from work, you would have to stop in and clean his stall and feed and water him, which you refused. I then at that time gave you notice of 14 days to find another place to keep your horse, and by the way I hear that didn't work out so well for you, Karma's a *** isn't it.

Yes I did evict your nasty *** out of our apartment that you ruined as you are filthy and do not take care of yourself much less your poor animals. The eviction from the apartment and the request for you to find other accommodations for your horse, was after I received a letter from a attorney that you had tried to sue me 9 months after the dog *** when you refused to care for your horse and I asked you to find him some where else to keep him and to also find another place to live. Also when we were remodeling the apartment for you, we allowed you to live there for 6 weeks for free. So easy how you forget all that those that have done good for you, but when it came time for you to take care of your responsibilities you failed greatly, and then 9 months after the dog *** to try to sue me because I asked you to take you horse elsewhere as you were not caring for him, nor once had ever trimmed his hooves, I did so and paid for every time.

Also how did that lawsuit you tried to lay on me work out for you? See Krystal Hoffman of Pinconning MI whom has to take Prozac to be able to function and her own Mother gives her Xanax and she does or was working at Globe here in Standish, wonder what your employer would thing about you taking unsubscribed controlled substances Krystal. Now when you go to talk and slander others, you bess be careful what you say and be sure to tell the whole story and not just to suite yourself as you are the bad apple here and it will and from my understanding has already caught up with you. What comes around, goes around.

Now keep it up and this posting will be the least of your worries Krystal Hoffman. You are the liar and most scandalous, unappreciative person I have ever known.

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#500834 Review #500834 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Standish, Michigan
Amys Acres King Shepherds Dog
New Reviewer

Never got papers and puppy under weight

In Feb of 2012 I got a "6 Month old puppy" from amys acres me and my family drove 24 hours to pick him up and also to pick the best one to match with us and our 7 yr old mastiff mix. When we left I had forgot to get his papers so I called amy from my cellphone and she said she would mail them boy was i a sucker! It has been almost a year and no papers even though she kept saying she sent them certified mail. PLEASE NEVER BUY A PUPPY WITHOUT GETTING ALL YOUR PAPERWORK AND DO NOT GET ONE from Amys Acres in michigan.
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#380896 Review #380896 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Brocton, Illinois
New Reviewer

Amy's Acres King Shepherds-failed to provide refund/honor contract

Amy Geise sold us 3 defective King Shepherd pups which were medically proven and diagnosed by 2 vets and the Orthopedic foundation for Animals to have mild to severe crippling hip dysplasia.Although contractually stated,she never honored her own contract and never refunded any monies.The pups were also well under standard height and weight with two having severe temperament issues.It has been over 3 years waiting for a refund.Also she states on the Michigan BBB website,she has been in the dog breeding business for 10 years when in fact it clearly states on her website she started her dog breeding business in 2006.The BBB has been informed and has yet to correct the obvious misinformation.Upon further investigation ,it seems,that if you have multiple complaints in a short period of time through the BBB regarding your business,your rating is poor.(perhaps the reason for the falsehood stated by Amy Geise as to the period her business has been in operation)Otherwise if truth be told,if the number of complaints versus the actual low number of years in business ,her rating would certainly show a decline. After providing complete documentation in regard to each pups diagnosis and asking for a refund due us on the severe crippling diagnosis,Amy Geise contacted the company our pups microchips were registered with.She then claimed she as the breeder was the owner and authorized missing posters circulated through out our area.She also notified our vets,local police and humane societies stating dogs needed to be returned to her.After speaking with several agencies ,providing proof of purchase for all pups (Ms. Geise did this only after we attempted to exercise our contractual right to a refund and the pups had been with us for approx. 14 months),the local agencies etc. came to understand Ms. Geise true motives behind her erroneous statements. Buyers Beware,this is not the only issue nor are we the only customers of Ms. Geise's that have been sold defective dogs.Read her website carefully,many inconsistencies.Read her statements as to size,then read actual statements of vets while doing OFA checks on her site for example.Interesting reading!
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I agree I was totally ripped off by the b****


Details if possible please.


I made a deposit for a white king shepherd and they were great until 4 months before the litter was born and then I lost all contact with them. I lost $400.

I filed several complaints and am half tempted to drive there and file a small claim. They WILL get it coming.


My family adopted a dog, Angel, from a Polar/Wendy litter. Angel is a nervous barker and very protective of our property.

I have no doubts in my mind that without the proper training she would have been a nightmare. Other than that, regarding her temperament she has been an incredible dog. Great with all of our small animals and other dogs. Knowing that KSDs were prone to hip dysplasia, we did everything we could to stop it from happening.

We gave Angel everything you could think of to prevent this awful disease. We take her to regular vet trips multiple times a year because we are a fan of preventative medicine. We noticed some problems and took her in to get her back end x-rayed. I was asked by our vet to go back into the room the x-rays are taken in to see something.

I was shown two pictures, one, the example our vet keeps for severe hip dysplasia, the other, the picture of Angel's dysplasia. Angel's dysplasia was worse than the severe hip dysplasia example my vet keeps for comparison. Angel now takes meloxicam for pain. The HD makes her no longer able to do things normal dogs her age can.

Angel is from the 2006 litter and is about eight years old. I understand that Amy knew that the pairing of Polar and Windy produced problems genetically after the 2006 litter. What I cannot comprehend is why she would breed those same dogs together in 2011. They only thing I can chop it up to is being an irresponsible breeder.

I am very disappointed.

Yes Amy has made some mistakes, all breeders have. It is dastardly to speak poorly of Amy because of the work she does rescuing animals. What she does is commendable.

Those of you who dare speak bad about Amy's family relationships. SHAME on you. That is none of your business and unless you have spoken to her family directly keep your mouths shut on the matter.

This is a website for consumer reviews. Not bullying.


As dogs age, especially with larger dogs they will get DJD. I am aware that the Windy/Polar litter did produce three genetically shy pups, which is undeniable however we never ever bred the two of them together again.



Info from Amy's Own website stating breedings of Windy by Polar:

Amy Geise,you did in fact,rebreed the pair ,produced another litter,5 years later. (according to your own words,postings on your own website)

You did this knowing well in advance of the issues with the pairing,genetic defects etc.

Yet you state just yesterday it never happened?

CUT AND PASTED DIRECTLY FROM AAKS WEBSITE: "Links to Windy's litters: 12/06 — Sire: CDC's Amy Acres Kings Polar /> 08/11 — Sire: PT CDC Amy Acres Kings Polar (owner gallery to come)" Also your statement as to large dogs Will Get DJD as they age,not true,a large percentage will not.Perhaps though ,you have found it to be true in your lines?


I believe the posts regarding family issues were written by family,not past customers.

Many individuals are involved in "rescuing" animals of all kinds.This neither paints them as a saint or the devil.Some "rescuers" are in fact hoarders,some don't care for the animals properly and then,many others provide a much needed second chance for the animal often providing for the care/vet cost out of their own pockets until a proper placement can be found.

However be wary of believing all "rescuers" are free of any personal agendas or all "rescuers" provide,stable healthy environments for the animals they house.


I have a $400. deposit down on a pup.

It was supposed to be born in early December. After numerous calls and emails she finally told us the whole litter died. I have called her six times since December. None of the calls were answered.

I have emailed her several times also. None of them were answered either.

She has clearly breeched our contract. I will either see her in court or I will be at her front door soon.


Thankfully you are located in her area.My suggestion would be to contact local authorities,local judicial system,file a complaint,demand a hearing,contact the Michigan BBB (although not conducive in the past,filing a report,having it posted via their website,does alert other potential customers of the numerous complaints and issues associated with this business) and continuing to attempt to to make personal contacts with Amy.Keep documentation of all, including names,dates,intake workers name,organizations contacted etc. and end result.Also my personal advice,do not accept checks from this individual as their are still previous customers of years past still holding "refund checks" which could never be cashed.If by chance Amy states she will give you a refund,cash only and then give her a written receipt.Wish you luck.


We conduct all of our financial transactions through Pay Pal and all is claimed on our income taxes, so that is of no worry, Amy

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#254554 Review #254554 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Springfield, Vermont
Amys Acres King Shepherds Dog

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