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I sent Ken Amundson, owner of Amundson violins, a violin to be restored. He contacted me saying the violin was worth between $5,000 and $8,000 and that it would cost $2,750 to restore. I promptly sent him a check for this amount. Several months later I received the violin, packed very poorly with hardly any protection, and discovered that during shipment the heat had caused the neck to pull away from the body of the instrument. I sent the violin back and ,upon receiving it again, saw that little else had been done to correct the problem. In fact, it was still unplayable. Also, after doing some research on this particular violin, I discovered it was worth only a very small fraction (around $1,000) of the amount quoted to me by Mr. Amundson. I decided not to pursue the matter further, figuring it would do no good , since I'm sure he's gotten away with this sort of thing many times in the past. However, I did want to post this complaint as a warning to anyone considering doing business with this man: PLEASE do some research, and find someone honest and reputable, so that you can avoid being ripped off as I was. Thank you!
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Yes, you are correct. He has done this before.

Do not involve yourself in any financial dealings with this man.

Find out the history of this business before you entrust your

instrument to this person.


I guess this is why we should get at least two estimates for repair work of any kind. But, that is hindsight. At least you can warn others of this company.

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