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This guy is the same guy who scammed me years ago with Ameristar Foreclosure Solutions, I lost my home, then divorce followed, here is the link This guy just steals your money, Starts a business steals peoples money, then regulators come in, close him, fines him then he moves to the next scam. wow even the logo is almost the same. *** you Bill Ray****-florida-company-provides-an-alternative-solution-for-homeowners-facing-foreclosure.html Ameristar Foreclosure Solutions LCC ripped me off. They in the end took my home from me and my children, stole the money I paid them for their "services" and is not somehow blaming me for this. I hired this company, not knowing better, to get me out of a variable loan into a fixed loan. And since Bill Ray said that I never missed a payment up until then, I would easily be able to lower my payment and put the insurance and taxes in the payment. I paid him 1,600 dollars and 11 months later my home is being foreclosed on. All along Bill Ray assured me everything was going just as planned. This is WRONG. I was never late on my house payments, and I trusted this Company. Now my house is gone. This was supposed to be an easy task. I should have never trusted this company. BILL RAY SCAM SCAM SCAM WILLIAM RAY SCAM SCAM SCAM FRAUD AMERISTAR FORECLOSURE SOLUTIONS SCAM SCAM FRAUD NATIONSTAR TAX ADVISORS SCAM SCAM FRAUD
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Problems with payment
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Ripped me off for 1400. dollars and i lost my home

same thing is happening to alot of home owners. I am filing a lawsuit against ameristar and everyone should join in on the action of shutting william ray down & put in jail and make him pay back everyones money plus loss of homes.I have read many other peoples complaints against ameristar foreclosure solutions and it sounds like the exact same thing is happening to everyone. we must join together and bring charges against this man/ company. he must be brought to justice. I have checked with florida's attorney generals office and he is'nt even licensed to do this type of work/ loan modifications, I also checked with my state & he is not licensed here either. Do your homework people. The BBB has this so called company rated a (F ).
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:( hey if your getting a lawyer I want in. *** ya he is such a scam.

Jackie M Nxi
map-marker Kapaa, Hawaii

Ameristar Foreclosure Solutions

I am writing this letter of complaint against Ameristar Foreclosure Solutions! Do not go to this company they not only will take your money right away they will take it from your account with out your authorization! If I had not acted and took actions into my own hand I would have lost our home! This company did not do such a great job it was very poorly taken care of, no communications I had to always contact them and asked what is the status on our loan? hardly any reply! from them what so ever! They don't care about us all they want is your money! I hired them but with the outcome of it all it took us no where! same payments like I had before not even a fixed rate! This company preys on people like us Please do not ask this company fore help! I kindly asked for a refund and I felt like I was harassed and made fun of! not even $200 bucks! is all I asked for a simple refund! and they wouldn't give it to me! This is the worst company ever please do not contact this company at all!
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John Garcia!!!! How would a client know so much in detail about what, "Bill Ray", 's job is???


Nice try Bill!!! MENTAL!!!

Victimized b

Please also contact Attorney General of MO. Thank you!

Jackie M Nxi

People What ever or who ever you choose do your research before going to a company and asking them for HELP! I have learned it the hard way wasted a lot of money!

sometimes people can be liars and are money hungry! Ameristar said that they would refund my small amount of money and I haven't gotten it yet! So In conclusion to this matter with Ameristar do your research before seeking HELP! with any company!

I don't want to deal with this company anymore! And I'm not the only person posting negative comments there are so many complaints! so people I have yet to see more comments! if they care about people and their satisfaction they would at least refund something and keep in contact with their clients and not leaving them hanging!

i'm putting this behind me I will say no more! And let it be!


This is too funny on how a guy from Ameristar saying that he is John Garcia? Pretending to be someone else when Its actually Bill Ray!!!! Commenting positive comments about Ameristar! lol.....

Hey Also Scammed really is he operating without a license???

And Victim of scam yes I have seen pages about Ameristar and they aren't positive comments either!

This Company doesn't care they like to blame the clients especially when they aren't satisfied!


This is for John Garcia you say you are John Garcia but it sounds like its you!!!! Mr.Bill Ray!!!!!!





I am responding to the previous post and I felt compelled to dispute such an attack on the Company that helped me and 4 other of my close friends and family stay in there home. To accuse a person of being mentally ill and drag his children into it is dispicable and really shows what a vindictive person that you really are(and you do it on Christmas), its a shame that somebody like Bill Ray has to deal with people like you.

After reading your post it sounds like in your own admission that Bill and Ameristar helped you stay in your home but you complain the payment was about the same and that you defaulted on the agreement?? How far behind were you? Depending how far behind you were will determine how much will be added to your loan and that will be the final factor in determining your monthly payment! So what you are really saying is that Ameristar obtsined an agreement with your lender and that you defaulted on it so you are now blaming that company for your current situation....hmm it sounds like you need to be accountable for your own actions and not blame people for your actions!

did Ameristar make you default on your loan? I highly doubt it.

As far as you stating that he is writing his own review, that is appalling as Bill has more integrity than that, obviously you have none! And if you look at all of the complaints closely you will find they are all from the same people that have posted multiple times, I am doing this because I feel that if it wasnt for this company that my family would be homeless.


wow Ameristar does not have a business license??? that just makes me more sick!

I have been trying to get help with my home and all Ameristar did was hardly anything! they haven't contacted me like how I think they should and I was the person asking what was the status on the loan and all they could say was we are working on it! And finally when it all came down to the end I still paid pretty much the same amount when I first got the loan and to top it off it wasn't even a fixed rate!!! So i fell behind again!

And luckily I found some other company to help me and they like help stop the auction on our home in like 2 weeks! People don't go to Ameristar!!! They won't even refund your money even if its as little as $200.00 bucks!!! So don't waste your time or money!

they SUCK! has no customer service and you just get the run around a lot!


This guy is such a criminal!! He is also mentally Ill being he is writing his own positive comments!!!

I am amazed this guy is not in jail from the people he hurt. There are 3 pages of google complaints and dozens of BBB complaints. How do you live with yourself!!

I just feel bad for your kids, if you have any! Horrible example of a responsible human being!


Mr. Ray has been very professional every time I have spoken to him, he reduced our monthly mortgage payment by over $300 when we were more than 20k behind.

I doubted him and have had concerns when he was asking me to update our paystubs every month and thought that we were being strung along but I found out that updating documents are required by our lender in order to finish my mortgage modification. I am writing this because it sounds like the complaints that have been filed against Mr.

Ray are from people who didnt listen to his advice and I admit I was was one of the ones that doubted him but what I found out was he was right! THANK YOU BILL FOR BEING PATIENT WITH US....GOD BLESS!


Please report to the attorney general of you state and the state of Fl. They can advise you to who else to contact.

Federal Bueau of Investigation, FL Division of Finance (since he is operating without a lic. law since 1/09), BBB (he does not respond), are also good contacts.

I encourage to do all you can. The more people that come forward the faster he will have to face fraud charges.

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Ameristar forclosures

ameristar Forclosures has not done anything for me. Took my money. do not rerturn emails. $1600 for nothingtook a large amount of money and did not give the service Ameristar Foreclosure Solutions Complaint You were reading a complaint about Ameristar Foreclosure Solutions. Filing a new complaint about bill ray i believe the owner of ameristar mortgage solution has taken a large amount of money from me and did not give the service. Someone please stop this guy he needs to be in jail he is a scam artist. He has caused me to go into forclosure,He never responded to my lender and he he told a lot of lies to me about my modification. He tlle you not to talk with your lender beacuse than you would interfere with his job in helping to get you your modification, but he never contact you only text days later with the same old info. then he disappears and won't return your call at all. He is rippping people off and will be notifying the FBI . Please someone find this guy and put him in jail.
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Victimized b
map-marker Saint Louis, Missouri

MO victims of Ameristar Foreclosure Solutions

I have been victimized by Bill (William) Ray, his modifiction company's name is Ameristar Foreclosure Solutions. He took $1495 from us and did not provide the service promised. I have been told in the state of MO that it is against the law to take payment before service is provided. We have learned that he is not licenced here in Mo or FL. He is not registered here in MO. This IS fraud, and so far a Class B Felony. The more victims that come forward the faster this person will stop victimizing others, and he will have to face his actions. I have reported to Attorney General of MO & FL, Division of Finance of FL, BBB, FBI, FTC..... Do your part if you have been victimized. They DO want to hear from you! He threatens with law suits but he does not have a foot to stand on. He gets very upset when he thinks you are recording a phone conversation. The fact is, in the state of MO, only 1 party has to give permission. I can give myself permission to record a message. Take time and do you part this is FRAUD!!! At this time he has the oppurtunity to return all stolen money. As this case grows he will be faced with paying back and doing time. But, it takes YOU! Please help!
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Took a large amount of money and did not give the service

bill ray i believe the owner of ameristar mortgage solution has taken a large amount of money from me and did not give the service. Someone please stop this guy he needs to be in jail he is a scam artist. He has caused me to go into forclosure,He never responded to my lender and he he told a lot of lies to me about my modification. He tlle you not to talk with your lender beacuse than you would interfere with his job in helping to get you your modification, but he never contact you only text days later with the same old info. then he disappears and won't return your call at all. He is rippping people off and will be notifying the FBI . Please someone find this guy and put him in jail.
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map-marker Roberts, Wisconsin

Ameristar Foreclosure Solutions Llc

This company kept asking for my information over and over telling me they needed to restart the process, but would not tell me why when asked for my information the third time. The modification had been going on for a year. No one answers the phones, communication is horrible. Every time I did get hold of someone, they told me they were working on it. Finally, I was served papers saying my house would be for sale in a month. I called my bank after AFS told me not to contact my lender or respond to collection attempts. My lender told me that I could not even get qualified for a loan modification without having to contact them first, They also told me that they had the same conversation with AFS over and over, telling them that they needed to be contacted by me. I was never told. There were times it was necessary for me to call and ask questions, but no one would answer the phone. I left numerous messages and even pretended to be a new customer a few times trying to get a call back to no avail. Often times my emails were ignored as well as though my questions were unimportant and not worthy of an answer, like when I asked why they needed my information for the third time to start the modification over. When I fired them and asked for my money back, the owner emailed me and told me I had sent in the wrong information time and again, but I was never told in the course of all these months that anything was wrong. Interestingly, my bank is able to use these same documents to do the modification for me. They are not wrong. When I asked the owner of AFS why he said that, he would just state that I am in breach of contract by not providing the documents. For some reason, simple questions like "why" are really hard to answer there. Putting information like this up on the internet will get you a nasty email from the owner threatening a slander suit and calling you a lier. There are several complaints of Rip Off including mine that earned me my threatening email. At least one other consumer received the same email after posting to Rip Off. Within the year, there have been 16 complaints to the BBB. Mine will make 17. They currently have a C- rating. I just asked for my money back. In response, he lied to me about my having sent the wrong information for a year, will not answer any "why" questions and only communicates via email. No one will answer the phone for me.
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The dude is a total scam artist.


Does anyone know if they ever caught up with Bill Raye, hope he is in jail by now after ripping so many people off. All the negative comments are true, the two or three positive are to throw off all the neg.

Bill if that's his real name most likely wrote them himself to coverup the bad things he has done to people.

Head up if he crosses your past contact police and run as fast as you can. Beware if he still out there.


I am in the same boat. This started in 2009 and it is 2011 and this busta is nowhere to be found now.

How do you sue him? We paid him $2195 and now BOA not trying to hear what we have to say.


I am in same boat its been 1 1/2 yrs and now BOA which is also *** will not work with me and I don't know what to do so who and how do we sue and win is my question Bill Ray has about over the years $3000 that belongs to me


I sued Bill Ray and won a judgment for all the money I spent, filing fees, and interest! The dirt bag never showed up in court.

I am filing a judgment lien. I lost my home thanks to Bill Ray, but I will NOT lose this battle! He's a total heartless slimeball and I hope others follow my lead and he loses his shirt. SHAME ON HIM!!!!!!

Please report to BBB and sue in Duval County Florida small claims court.

You can do it from any state online and appear by telephone. Do not be can do it!!


I am going threw the same thing myself with him. Its been 1 1/2 yrs and nothing has been done.

I cant reach him by phone only email. I didnt know what kind of person he was until my bf looked into it. I am still in foreclouser and scared to lose my home. However now am dealing with the bank myself.

so I hope that I can pull this off. I want to know if their is a certain lawyer everyone is useing if so contact me at crazy_redhead1964@***.com

keep your fingers crossed for me guys.

Victimized b

Please contact Attorney General of MO along with FL, Division of Finance in FL, BBB, FBI, FTC.....


We are right along with you. Turning the blame on us.

I know and see right thru him NOW. Threatening with slander law suit and so on.

What are our rights? I want my $1500 and most of all I do not want anyone else victimized by this so called company.


Well, we lost our house. Bill Ray strung us out too long and the bank won't work with us.

The Sheriff sale was last week. I talked to a lawyer and they said that in the contract, jurisdiction is transferred to Florida for all legal purposes, meaning, Unless I hire a lawyer from Florida and go down there for court I can do nothing. I do not have the funds to do this. If I did, I would not have hired Bill Ray in the first place.

He banks of this fact and this is why he can get away with it Scot free. You CAN turn him into the attorney general and you can absolutely report him to the BBB. Bill will threaten you with a slander suit, but I think he is in the same boat as us in that he would have to hire and out-of-state lawyer and leave the sanctuary of Florida law to pursue it. He won't sue you for 2 reasons, 1.

It would force him to spend his stolen money. 2.

A slander suit can only be pursued if the published article is untrue. Maybe if enough of us complain, the attorney general will step in.


We have also been scammed by this Bill Ray. I am thinking it is time for a lawyer to step in.

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