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I was rear ended by someone they insure.My back bumper was cracked on impact. I got 5 estimates and even went to one of their preferred shops, and got an average price of around $1000 to $1,100. They offered to give me $750 to replace everything in the back of my car (bmper cover, absorber, reinforcer, etc.). My dad wants to fix it himself since hes had problems with other body shops, and called a factory ahead of time to find out the costs. He...
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Sounds like AAA to me.Their insured hit me almost head on in my lane while I was headed south and she was headed north. She crossed the double yellow and caused the collision, and the fact is that I had no where to go as there was traffic in the next lane. Not only did I have to go the court route to collect for my injuries, but also for the vehicle. They offered less than half of the value of my vehicle, and refused to take the vehicle leaving...
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Ameriprise has been exceptionally difficult to deal with and has attempted to take advantage of me as much as possible.I was rearended by their insured who was at fault in the car accident. My car was less than 1.5 years old and had no prior accidents. It took an extremely long time to process the claim (at least a few of weeks since I filed the claim) because Ameriprise took several weeks to negotiate with the bodyshop to put used parts on my...
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Terrible customer service, my car was vandalize while it was parked, we file a claim, it had two dents pretty much in the same area, one on the other side,, i don't know how this third one happened maybe somebody went all around the car and hit it. but Ameriprise broke it up into 3 different incidents with no proof or evidence they just said it was three differ occasions.and off course i had to pay three different deductibles! stay away from...
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She only took my statement on that one phone call and wanted photos of my auto. I sent her them but she conveniently claimed she did not get them. I had my agent equally remiss send them to her 4-4-16 got a letter same date saying she was waiting for them still and body shop statement. My agent says he sent them and they got through but do not really know no one will verify in writing, imagine that. Then told by my agent she accepted...
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Anonymous never get this company they are useless and do not care about their customers

I didn't like
  • Katrina martinez
  • Customer service totally unacceptable