Thomas G Giz
map-marker Springfield, Missouri

Terrible Service and lies

i was lied to from the start regarding a city permit . I contracted them to upgrade my electric service and was told that a permit would be pulled .

Workers showed up did the upgrade without a permit which left me on bad terms with the city as they would not inspect new service because there was no permit issued or applied for. After all was said and done it cost approximately 1500.00 dollars more to hire another contractor to get permit.They cannot even pull a permit according to city officials. I would have liked to resolve this issue with them and nothing was ever done on their part to resolve the problem.

I would not trust them for anything. The owner was made aware of the problems but no response at all

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  • Will lie to you

User's recommendation: Do not hire

map-marker College Station, Texas

Substandard work on a kitchen sink

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My landlady (a nice elderly woman) contacted America's Same Day Service to repair a leaking kitchen drain. The worker showed up 1/2 late and then replaced both drains in the double sink.

However, when he put it all back together, he left out a piece of pipe. It is not here anywhere (I even checked the trash) so he must have taken it with him. Now the other side of the double sink leaks because the pipe was not properly attached to the drain and it separated. When she called, the owner berated her and used fowl language.

She told them to refund her card because it's now worse than before.

Poor business practice all around. Don't ever use this company.

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Michelle S Hio
map-marker Springfield, Missouri

The Technician they sent to repair my Refrigerator Lied about it needing Freon. Charged me 240.00 for adding Freon and never actually added freon. Tech's name is Armando in Lake Arrowhead

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I have a Maytag Frdige, The Freezer was cold the Fridge was not cooling very well. Armando from America's same day service came and was in the property alone because I couldn't be there.

He says it was low on freon and he charged me 240.00 to add freon. in 2 weeks, the fridge was not cooling again. I had a different company check it out and they were very honest, With 53 years of experience with Refrigerators, He was 100% positive there was never Freon added to that Fridge and you can tell because there was no access point to add Freon. It was untouched as is from the factory.

To add Freon, there would have to be a valve inserted into the coil to inject the Freon, The 2nd Technician inspected it and found no evidence Freon has ever been added. The problem was the thermostat setting was wrong and there is a door inside that connects between the freezer and fridge that was left open.

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  • Lied to me and stole my money
Reason of review:
Lied to me about Fridge needing Freon. Charged me for adding Freon and they didn't even add Freon at all.

Preferred solution: Full refund

map-marker Springfield, Missouri

Over charged for a service and failed to do as I asked them to do. Simple task of preforming a diagnostic test, save me some money!

Service Tech informed me of $64 service call, did not inform me of parts cost prior to installing them. Tech did not test freon in machine

America's Same Day Service tech Jeremy arrived on April 2, 2016, Maytag Frig model-MSD2555DRW, SN-1111****WZ, payment $249 via check.

I explained to the tech that the frig was not cooling but it is 15 years old and I did not want to spend a lot on the machine so I ask him to please diagnose the issue. Tech did not check the freon or any thing on the machine. He removed the back panel, uninstalled the Supco RCO 410 Starter Capacitor, installed a new one from his bag and handed me a bill for $249.

I was not informed of the cost, he did not check the freon or do any diagnostic test on the machine. Keep in mind, this is a 15 year old machine. He had his mind made up that he would install the new part from his bag and be gone.

The tech was at my house for less than 15 minutes and took $249 and did not do as I ask. To install the new part, remove 3 wires and replace 3 wires!!!

I called and tried to speak with the manager/owner Ron Bass on 3 different occasions and he has NEVER cared to return my call.

The problem I have is Ron Bass and his assistant failed to address my concern in any form or fashion. Secondly the tech, Jeremy did not do as I requested and check out the machine. Thirdly, the Supco RCO410 Starter Capacitor can be purchased for $8 to $15. On the low side, the part cost me 12 times the advertised, on the high side it cost me 25 times the actual cost of a new one. This company is run by a thief. He allowed his contract employee to steel $249 from me and did not address my concern. Yes, the frig is currently working but that is not the point. The tech was instructed to do a diagnostic check on the unit and he failed to do that. The assistant at the local office said that the tech should have given me a quote prior to installing the new parts, this never happened.

MR BASS did not care to return my call, that is the customer NO service department at America's Same Day Service!

Be aware that these men do not have your best interest in mind! They are in it for the money!

That is it!!!

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Reason of review:
Pricing issue
Dayveon Eks
map-marker West Des Moines, Iowa

Technician wasted time and money

My GE side by side was not dispensing either water or ice. I called American Same Day service for my fridge repair, they sent a technician. He asked for the manual and did all the steps in the manual (I already did that). Then he looked at the wires in the bottom of the fridge, he thought every thing was OK and narrowed the problem to the front motherboard. I paid a 100.00 deposit and new motherboard was ordered. After 3-4 days, the technician removed my old board, put in the new board. There was no change in the behavior. Then, he spoke to another technician on the phone and decided that the motherboard in the rear of the fridge might also be not working. He told me that when a motherboard has a problem, both need to be changed. I asked him if he would take the parts back if it did not fix the problem, initially he was reluctant, later agreed.

After he left, I googled for a couple of hours, found a video with the same symptoms as mine. Basically, the wiring in the bottom of the refrigerator has a crimp where 3 wires join another 3 wires. The video showed to cut the wires from the crimp and re-crimp them individually. I did that and the fridge was working. I immediately called the technician, said I fixed the problem. Asked him to cancel the order of the rear motherboard and replace the new front motherboard with my old one as it might not be faulty.

The next day technician arrived, he said someone messed with the wires at the bottom (it was me fixing it) and asked me to pay 249.00, when I asked him about the old part, he said it was sent to his company as it was their policy. I told him that the I am the owner of the old part and the new part as I paid a deposit on it, he cannot send it anywhere without my consent. He became irritated and said that the old part fuse was broken and will not work. I asked him how he could be so sure without testing it. I told him that I would not pay him any money without speaking to his manager and asked him to leave my house. He said that he would check if the part is still in the post office and left. He went to his car in my driveway, then called me and said he spoke to his manager and I can have my part back. I went to the driveway collected my part. Them again he said that I can have my part, but still need to keep the new part and pay 249.00. I told him again that I would only pay after speaking to his manager. Then he tried calling him and made me talk a very polite lady. I explained to her the situation and she told me that the old part needs to be put back in the fridge and retested. If the old part was working, then the technician should not charge me for the new part and I will only need to pay the basic 64.00. She repeated the same to the technician.

He replaced the old part, it was working correctly. Then he charged me 120 odd. I was disgusted with the fighting and paid the money. He tried to hand me a receipt for 64.00, when I showed him that the number was wrong, he said that was a mistake and gave me a different receipt.

I am pissed that I called for a technician as the company sent me someone just to make money. The technician I called before sameday service, looked at the fridge, could not figure the problem and did not charge even the basic fee as he could not provide a diagnosis. That is honesty. With sameday service, I paid a little over 120.00 did not even get a diagnosis and had to take a couple of hours off work. It took me 15 mins and 14.00 in parts to fix it my self.

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Amy B Uvi
map-marker Richardson, Texas

Will not issue promised refund

This company has promised a refund of $375.00 for weeks now and they keep saying they don't have enough funds to pay us. We want our refund now.

This company has promised a refund for multiple errors one of their employees did on our a/c.

This employee sold us an a/c independently (under the table) 2 years ago. He gave us a 4 year warranty on the unit. We had contacted him (Jason) on multiple occasions because the unit was not working. He told us there was a leak inside and it would cost us between 1200.00 and 1400.00 to replace the part depending on the price of copper that day or he could come out every couple months and refill the freon at 88.00 a pop because the problem wasn't his.

We were appauled. We contacted a different a/c guy who inspected both the indoor and outdoor unit. The inside unit was fine but the outdoor unit which is under warranty had multiple leaks (which were suppose to be covered under warranty). We had this guy fix the problems for 287.00 plus the varios times he filled the freon.

We contacted Jason's company, same day service multiple times by email before getting a response. They promised us a refund for the $375.00 total for the mistakes that Jason had made. We have been waiting for weeks for this money and when we contact them (Sherry is who we have been talking with) she tells us that the check will be in the mail tomorrow or by the end of the week. It has been weeks and still no money.

More lately she has been telling us now that they don't have the money to cover the check. Any business has 375.00 to refund a person who was promised a refund. Today 8/10/12 we received 1 payment from Same Day Service in the amount of $100.00. They still owe us $275.00.

It is now 10/25/12 and they still have not refunded the rest of our money. This complaint has been turned into the BBB as well as the Attorney General's Office. Neither state they can help.


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I feel for you, but that's why you do things the right way. When you buy under the table, you take the risk.

I can sell you something today and offer a 10 year warranty, but quit the business the next day. Always do it right.

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