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Here we are Feb 6th 2017 heat exchanger went bad on high efficiency unit.. Americas preferred home warranty will not cover labor or anything because the furnace has a 20 yr warranty on the heat exchanger (warranty doesn't cover labor either) very vague statement in fine print in back of warranty book so im out $1200- $1400 to replace half the furnace. Hindsight: Buying this warranty is what i would call "*** tax" sucker buy. Pay attention at...
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I liked
  • Being able to use my own contractor
I didn't like
  • That they wont honor labor costs
I have a leaky roof, i literally just moved in a week ago.When i opened the claim i asked what they cover with roofs and they said i have to have someone look at it. I had a contractor look at it and they said whoever done the roof previously to me moving in did it incorrectly and bc of that they refuse to cover it, which makes no sense and is complete waste. i asked the lady named karen (who was very unprofessional, rude and nasty, she should...
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