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Since the delivery of my handgun to the Americas gun range located at 1315 SW 1st Ct, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 , attempting actual ownership of my property has become a nightmare arguing with criminals and billy the kid who is twisted in his own comprehension of the law, he's quizing me with constitutional questions but yet recognizing statutes and codes are the law now let me say the facts here as I am going to prepare an affidavit and swear to it as this is the proper way to deal with matters like this. This is a warning for anybody ordering a gun online to stay far away from this business of people who contract together with treasonous FAKE POLICE WITH NO OATH OF OFFICE AND TRY TO EXTORT YOUR FINGERPRINTS for the purposes of sale and profits. !!!! I have been in email correspondence with the florida law enforcement firearms program located in tallahassee florida, now one would think that real law enforcement would haveproof of their governemtal capacity, but on the contrary, what I found out is quite disturding to know these law enforcement people are nothing more than commercial contractors !!!! yes indeed. When I asked whoever was emailing me to give their bonding information, they refused, when I asked for their oath of office they refused, when I asked for their name they refused !!!! now it has turned into a public records request, and the general counsel, (of which they call thierself) refuses to give their name !! wow !! this is all a felony persuant to title 15 USC. Its a felony for a law enforcement officer to violate the USC (federal law), so now we have imposters in office and treason !!! furthermore the law enforcement is demanding my fingerprints FOR WHAT ?? I have already been identified at the gun range with my passport !!! now I explained all this to billy the kid he calls himself, (evidently he will not identify himself either), the story gets better. The United States code also says that a sworn declaration must be provided by any government employee, officer of the law, etc etc etc etc, persuant to 28 U.S. Code § 1746 - Unsworn declarations under penalty of perjury, so these commercial agents are making a claim that I did something wrong and do not want to say what it is, its a secret !! persuant to the maxims of law He who claims must prove the burden of proof is on the accuser and not me !!! but billy the kid at the americas gun range is in agreement with his commercial agents criminal acts, because I have just proven it here with this testimony. Now comes the question about my fingerprints and might open up a rabbit hole. These law enforcement creeps with no oath and no bond are very insistive in getting my fingerprints or they are not going to proceed with anything !! this is extortion, and I do know my fingerprints accompanied by my signature is worth a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY !!! this is what they are after, and they think nobody knows,,,, LOL !!! im not going into that subject right now because it would take me over 200 pages to explain how the system works run by criminals, but they surely do want my fingerprints saying theres a possiblilty of fraud and I am not who I say I am when I just showed my passport last week in front of two witnesses !! so now theres a reasonable suspicion that I am not me ???? somebody explain this *** to me ???!!! now I just spoke to billy the kid on the phone at 1:40 PM approx, and I told him felony crimes was comitted against me by his law enforcement people and I have done nothing wrong, the burden of proof is on the accuser, and he sais he is trying to help me and asked if I have ever been arrested ? Whats that have to do with anything?? I have never been convicted of a felony or been in any trouble with violence, so is he insinuating people that get arrested for traffic tickets cannot own a gun ?? wow ?? what about ammendment 2 ? what about the declaration of human rights by the united nations ? What about my natural rights and the right to refuse contract with private commercial entities ?? so billy the kid is giving the authority of my gun ownership rights to the criminals who have no identity or bonds ?? !! WOW !! is austin faires billy's real name, we shall find out folks as I investigate this further. What about the emails I sent that are still unanswered ? Its all going into a book,. Billy the kid said he didnt like the way I was talking to him ? Well of course im pissed off, because he is co-contracting his business with CRIMINALS who have recently comitted felony and they are keeping my property hostage to extort fingerprints !!!! NICE RAQUET YOU GOT GOING THERE !!!! my fingerprints are copyrighted and nobody is getting my valuable property from me !! the law enforcement is what they call thierself is nothing more than a departmentalized private contractor with commercial agents, they are masquerading as government police which is treason, They have no bonds !! and these crooks make a false claim against me without any proof. Typical criminals. Shame on all of you, 31 U.S. Code § 9303 - Use of eligible obligations instead of surety bonds Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.) US Code Notes Authorities (CFR) prev | next (a)If a person is required under a law of the United States to give a surety bond, the person may give an eligible obligation as security instead of a surety bond. The obligation shall (1) be given to the official having authority to approve the surety bond; (2) as determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, have a market value that is equal to or greater than the amount of the required surety bond; and (3) authorize the official receiving the obligation to collect or sell the obligation if the person defaults on a required condition. (b) (1)An official receiving an eligible obligation under subsection (a) of this section may deposit it with (A) the Secretary of the Treasury; (B) a Federal reserve bank; or (C) a depositary designated by the Secretary. (2) The Secretary, bank, or depositary shall issue a receipt that describes the obligation deposited. (c)Using an eligible obligation instead of a surety bond for security is the same as using (1) a personal or corporate surety bond; (2) a certified check; (3) a bank draft; (4) a post office money order; or (5) cash. (d)When security is no longer required, an eligible obligation given instead of a surety bond shall be returned to the person giving the obligation. If a person, supplying labor or material to a contractor defaulting under sections 3131 and 3133 of title 40, files with the United States Government the application and affidavit provided under section 3133(a) of title 40, the Government (1) may return to the contractor the eligible obligation given as security (or proceeds of the eligible obligation given) under sections 3131 and 3133 of title 40only after the 90-day period for bringing a civil action under section 3133(b) of title 40; and (2) if a civil action is brought in the 90-day period, shall hold the eligible obligation or the proceeds subject to the order of the court having jurisdiction of the action. (e)This section does not affect the (1) priority of a claim of the Government against an eligible obligation given under this section; (2)right or remedy of the Government for default on an obligation provided under (A) sections 3131 and 3133 of title 40; or (B) this section; (3) authority of a court over an eligible obligation given as security in a civil action; and (4) authority of an official of the Government authorized by another law to receive an eligible obligation as security. (f) To avoid frequent substitution of eligible obligations, the Secretary may prescribe regulations limiting the effect of this section to an eligible obligation maturing more than one year after the date the obligation is given as security. ( All officials are required by federal, state, and municipal law to provide the name, address and telephone number of their public hazard and malpractice bonding company and the policy number of the bond and, if required, a copy of the policy describing the bonding coverage of their specific job performance. Failure to provide this information constitutes corporate and limited liability insurance fraud (15 USC) and is prim a facie evidence and grounds to impose a lien upon the official personally to secure their public oath and service of office. There are some who have been so brainwashed into believing rules, codes and statutes are the law, and some might even still choose to believe these fictions of law even when the truth is presented to them that they are wrong, but when someone trys to enforce these fictitious belief paradigms on me and is making false and misleading statements to me and holding my property hostage,,,,,,,,,this is a crime. False and misleading statements is a crime. Title 18 USC 1001. IN CASE you didnt know, the united states code is federal law. now comes the question of oaths as billy the kid aka has told me he is X-military, here is the oath of billy the kid and here is the constitution he sworn an oath noted below, WATCH FOR MY NEW PAPERBACK IS A NON-FICTION To Austin Faires , I am preparing a lawful claim for damages now, ya see I do thing


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Yawnnnnnnnn No one is going to read this this mess. Is there a Readers Digest version of your screed?

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