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Impossible to get through to company about a recent order.

Recent order. Impossible to get through to factory outlet. Ordered Braun shaver and clean and renew refills. No reply from Factory Outlet. Impossible to get through to anyone that can help me.
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User's recommendation: Don’t try to talk to anyone or text anyone and get a response. Absolutely a waste of time. Have tried texting, emailing, calling number given, begging, pleading, praying (to several different religions), cursing, getting help from other people, etc. Absolutely nothing works. Cannot get through to anyone, and get no response from anyone. Am at my wits end. Don’t know what to do. Just hope I’m not charged for something I’ll never receive. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Maybe I’ll report things to the better business bureau. I am thoroughly disgusted. Granted, I’m a technological dinosaur, but there should be some way for us older folks to contact them. It’s strange. I have ordered from them in the past (granted, a few years ago), and had no problems.Evidently the personnel running the company has changed.I hope someone there receives this, or someone else, that can help me.