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My services didn't get turned on..and I just moved here from.kentucy.and started new job And no water and I keep calling.and still no water
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Unreasonable and tyrannical business practices

I am I am appalled at the most egregious and hateful way that I viewed your field service technician block traffic in front of my home parking their vehicle in a way so that they could easily flee the scene I'm shutting my service off at my home without any proper notice by mail and certainly not by certified mail as claimed by your customer service representative or the fact that when I asked to speak with a supervisor concerning the fact that not only did I not receive my bill or a disconnection notice or that it is been less than 30 days since the proporta did certified mailing of this disconnection notice that my service has been interrupted in between my pay periods which prevents me from pay my bill without allowing me the opportunity to make arrangements to meet my responsibilities without notification Annie said disconnection procedure having even be done if I am not aware of a bill and I am not aware of an overdue bill $122.63 I cannot pay that bill I'm time let alone meet a 30-day disconnection notice when you disconnected my service 20 7 days after said notice was not in fact mailed out and was not in fact sent by certified mail I find it insulting degrading and very much and totally in complete disregard with the current economic situation our country is involved with currently 2 / $122 not being aware of being owed that you would sneak up Park your service vehicle in a way to suggest that you are committing a crime and in a way that suggests that a speedy getaway is absolutely necessary you shut off my service without even the most basic of contractual agreement being met I cannot pay you what I do not know I owe you without a bill I cannot be notified of that bill if the information you have on file such as my email address like I had to correct your service customer with a person of but the simple fact that in these trying times your company will leave myself my family and my animals without a life necessity utility over $122 having failed to notify me properly through a bill to inform me that via certified mail a disconnection notice was sent meeting the 30-day requirement under Iowa law when 27 Days Later your field service technician. Parts illegally blocking traffic cops out shuts off the water and jump back into his vehicle without even a phone call and e-mail or any of the proper billing practices that your company claims to assure people up and then when I request a supervisor so that I might get an extension due to the fact that you failed to notify me of any of this until I turned on my faucet and found I had no service I asked simply for a 3-day extension in my service to be turned on a budget in these inflationary and what will most assuredly end up being recession times our country faces your companies in action failure to meet any standard of proper business practices is tantamount to a tyrannical Monopoly refusing hard-working blue colored Americans and their families a meeting in sustaining utility over what is mere pennies I know no action will be taken to correct this Oregon provide me with breathing room because you require this payment and then a reinstatement fee for a bill and a notice that I wasn't provided with I will most assuredly have to make sure did I lie and my significant other not get to eat rather than our children or pets I find your company's actions the actions and premeditation of your field tech Tempe criminal at best and I find the pic that your customer service representative found the entire matter of me wanting to meet my obligation but because of economic hardship facing this nation and being responsible and properly budgeted per the bills I received I am unable to do so right here right now but yet your company won't even provide any leeway to be nothing more than tyrannical and greed inspired ruthlessness I hope that you never sleep a full night Restless again and I hope that your hard work and that you're striving to be a good person and a responsible citizen falls on deaf ears and that you get what you have coming because you got the shower today before your third shift Your Pet Stop to have water your kids got to eat food and that your significant other got to do the dishes all but in all probability you don't worry about those things since you don't worry about your customers or their needs or their complications but you interrupt people's lives nothing more than $122 that you the great me in front of my neighbors by the actions of your service members and thereby your technicians behavior and attitude and his display give me a Russian that I am a deadbeat that I don't pay my bills and that I am not worth anything at all because that's for your actions have shown me if I could I would not do business with your company again what do do your Monopoly hold on the industry I am forced to do so but I am going to make it plain and clear tell everyone that I work with in my union to everybody that I work for what kind of company your company is and what kind of regard you hold your customers in with their safety well-being and how Petty and on willing to make any concession whatsoever in order to better serve the community but you guys wouldn't know about Neighbors family community or any sense of the word honor yours respectfully and truly Craig Adam Lind 567 321 **** 612 11th Avenue South Clinton Iowa 52732 a most disgusted unsatisfied and personally insulted customer
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Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: If you could or if you can spend your money with any other company cuz this one has no honor or idea what common everyday people are dealing with they won't send you a bill they will lie to you until you did they have sent you a certified mail disconnection notice and then they'll shut your service off in between your paychecks and not even work with you until Friday they won't even give you three days even though it's their fault just know that's the kind of company you're dealing with