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Just like the other reviewer - bait & switch.After an exhausting phone call and lengthy notes and analysis in August 2016, I switched my small business to them for Gas & Electric. I was told as part of the "deal" that I would be getting rebate checks in 1 year. I was...
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I liked
  • Service if they gave me what they told me they would
I didn't like
  • High rates
  • Bait switch game
  • Customer service that does not return calls
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Do not fall for their BS!They tell you that you are going to save money but by the second month your rate will double! By agreeing to work with them, you are allowing them to charge you what ever they want. And it will be HIGH (18 cents/kWh for me). Do not fall for...
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I was called by American Power and Gas in April of 2016. They pitched a rate that was about 1/2 cent per kwh lower than my current supplier and also that it would remain lower than my current supplier. When I reviewed my May bill I noticed the rate they pitched. In...
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h.kitchener These alternative power providers scam you by offering a lower rate than that of the main utility companies in your state and usually keep it at the quoted rate for a certain ...


Anonymous It's not great, but it's not a scam unless they told you that this would always be your rate. It's common practice unfortunately. Anytime you switch companies you should alw...

Signed up for variable rate, which started around $0.06-$0.07/kw and almost immediately jumped to $0.11-$0.12/kw. Obviously, variable rates change and I went into it knowing this to be the case. I would not expect rates to double and stay at the high price though....
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The Pitch: Lower energy charges and, after one year, a rebate of 25% of your average monthly charges. The Reality: A lower energy charge for one, maybe two months then big increases. My bill went up between $30 and $40 per month. After a year,that would mean paying...
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American Power & Gas is a scam. They sign you up with promises of savings. I have been over paying on my electric bills and I gave them proof of their over-inflated rates and they refused to adjust my bills. I am infuriated with this company as I feel they are just...
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