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I received a flyer that said they had twin mattresses on sale for $49, $59, $99, and $119. I went down to take a look at them. The $49 was advertised as being of hotel quality. I don't know what hotel would put it in one of their rooms - maybe a junkie one in Southeast Asia. It consisted of 1 2" piece of foam covered in cloth. The $59 "mattress" was the same only it was 4" thick. The $99 one wasn't too bad, but I wanted a pillow-top, so I went... Read more

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I cannot hit the mute button fast enough when the guy starts screaming through your TV commercial. Please make him stop shouting

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my husband and I went there and as soon as we walked in, the vultures came, the salespeople were up your *** every moment you were trying to look at furniture. They didn't even give you time to look at the tags or sit on the furniture. We were pretty much chased out of there because of that. Needless to say we will not go back there

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This couch was not built correctly and broke in less than a year. You can even tell by looking at the wood inside the couch that this piece was bound to break due to where it was bolted to close to an edge... I wish we went some place else for a reclining couch because it would probobly still be intact right now. All of the phone calls between us, American freight and Guardian were pretty much just smoke and mirrors to avoid helping us. ...I... Read more

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I called the American Freight in Massilon, OH to see if they had a futon in stock before I drove 2 1/2 hours to get there. They told me no problem come on in and he would "hook me up". I asked if I could pay for it and they could hold it for me, I was told they don't do that but they would hold it for me if I came in and paid. I arrived two days later and they do not have the futon! They told me they must have sold them all. I could pick it up... Read more

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I have shopped there for years.the people that work there are really nice the store manager gave me a great deal thank you jack for helping me and the ware house team did a great job too

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Why does the person doing the commercials have to yell? I find that voice so completely annoying that everytime it comes on, I run for the remote to mute it or turn the channel. Isn't that defeating your purpose? I would purposely avoid this business because of the distress these commercials cause. You may say the yelling is to get attention, and you have certainly attained that goal. However it's for sure the wrong kind of attention. Please... Read more

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My wife and I purchased the most expensive king size bed in the store. They were very late on delivery. We were getting billed and still didn't have a bed. Well, they delivered the bed, along with bed bugs. Bed cost about $1,800 (after up charges) and $1,300 to cure bed bugs, which still have not been remedied completely. Do yourself a favor & do NOT shop at this store. What a nightmare! Didn't even know bed bugs really existed until this... Read more

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Went to buy a mattress set and set up for delivery..Took a day off of work to wait around for their 3rd party delivery service which never showed up. The best part is when you call to complain they are like "whatever" and "they never called you to say they weren't coming?" Then they don't want to deal with you until you come in and ask for a refund then it's "oh we can take the delivery fee off". Really why would I wait around again for the ***... Read more

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