High-School Culture, *** Culture

At 6600 Chippewa, St Louis MO 63109: the young white female Teller, has strawberry blonde hair, her dad owns several rental properties . This employee is posting false, unprofessional accusations / notes onto African American female LONGTIME member accounts. Every time the patron visits to conduct business at the teller windows, the white female tellers are making weird/high school /jealous comments while staring at the patrons account on the computer. It’s clear that these white employees are bored and unhappy, but what does any credit union member have todo with “ personal issues”?? Apparently, these employees need to be retrained, reprogrammed OR terminated. Aren’t members the MAIN reason they are employed? When employees are unhappy they get very *** very immature and abnormally unprofessional.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service