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This company has called me and my job and when I finally answered them, a guy named steve johnson told me not to interrupt him while he's talking. He says he has all my info and that I owe them. I of course interrupted him and told him that I dont know what he's talking about and will sue there company if they dont stop harassing me. I was so furious that he hung up on me. So far they haven't called back. They should be reprimanded for this!
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Newark, New Jersey

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Same as everyone else man with an Indian accent. This is the second time I got a call from them threatening to arrest me at my job I did listen to all Theyhad to say , very entertaining.told him he was a rugg headed scam artist more than Likly to support some terrorist group I hung up on the blocked his number best way to do it. American standup to these ***
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San Tan Valley, Arizona

Lawyers for American Cash ???????

I had a message on cell phone from The Gardner&Douglas Law Firm of Ohio, calling on behalf of American Cash, saying I owed for a payday loan and was going to jail for not paying and a warrant would be issued on 3 account of fraud and fee could be as much as $8000.00, but if I settled and paid $498.36 within 2 hours they would drop charges, and have a small investigation and if it turned out that it was not me my money would be returned. They have all my personal information and said they would call my job also.
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Harrassing and threatening arrest

i got a call from kevin green who said he worked for american cash. i had a payday loan i havent fully paid back yet. kevin told me if i did not pay this back a warrant would be issued and i would be arrested and put in jail for 21 days..i would then have to pay 8000.00 in legal fees. i asked if i could talk to who he was representing and he said he would give me there number.. i called it and it was a nother man with stron foreign accent...i then told them my attorney woyld be calling them and he got mad..told me i was uncooperative and must want to go to jail..they wanted me to western union them cash. mpiester
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Yeah, I bet they really feel threatened. A guy who took out a payday loan and then couldn't pay it back is going to contact his attorney. HAHAHAHA!

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Payday loan

Received a phone call this morning stating that i owe over 785.00.....from a Man named Justin Murrphy at 615-326-****. He stated i needed to pay today or police where going to my job or my home to arrest me!! Very scarey call....and he was an atttorney and there was nothing he can do..but take payment...he couldn't give me any info on when the loan was taken or by what company it was!! American Cash Service was the main company i was told and that they handle many payday loan company's. Would not give ANY INFO... PLUS FOUND OUT THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE BBB AGENCY!! So very nervouse that i don't know what to do....
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Its a scam theyve called me too and when I call back they made the same threats. They dont know where you are and they are lying about being attorneys.

They use different numbers around the US. They say they are a law firm and when you look up that law firm its a real place, but if you call the real law firm they have no clue their name is being used.


It is a scam to try to get money. Do not listen. Tell them to send paperwork and hang up.

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New Reviewer

Americian Cash claimed I owed them for a loan I never got.

A man named Anthony Miller called me , said he was an attorney and he represented American Cash and I was being sued for non payment. If I didn't pay by the end of the day I would be arrested on my job tomorrow and spend thirty days in jail. He said I owed $556.15. When I told him I did not owe them, I had never borrowed any money from this company, he became upset and said if I wasn't going to cooperate and pay this money today I would just be arrested on my job tomorrow. This attorney wouldn't give me any detail about this company, a number or anything. I could hardly understand anything he was saing because he had an indian accent. When I told him I wouldn't have the money untill the next day he said he was going to transfer me to his Attorney which was a woman wnd he said to me just listen to her don't ask any questions and don't arugue with her because she was the one to make the decision if I could pay the next day. When She got on the phone, Her name was Jennifer Smith but she also had an indian accent. Well like I figured, She agreed to let me pay the next day. She was going to call me at ten a.m. the next morning to get all m imformation. I am not going to answer nor pay. Now that I know this is a fraud. We will see what happens.
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False names, including the company, scam call, real attorneys would only send in writing. Tell all your friends that we do not have debtor's prison in this country.

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Scam Indian Callers

I got a voicemail from an indian man saying I have a very serious issue at hand and either i or my attorney need to call back or i'll be very sorry. I called back and an indian lady answered, i asked her what was going on she said i was being sued for a payday loan for $422 I took out and did not repay, and they were gonna have a warrant out for my arrest. I never took out any loan and the woman was extremely rude and stated if I didnt pay i would lose my job and have to pay $8,000 if I lose the case. I was upset and had my boyfriend call them and they told him the same nonsense, even though it makes no sense why they would give him my information,. They even asked him to pay the loan for me! He got the name and i looked it up asap. I immedietly knew it was fraud, but im still worried on how they got my information
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It's a scam. Ignore them. You are not alone in getting these calls out of the blue.

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Miami, Florida


Recv'd a call from a guy names Danny who states the same everyone is saying I got a loan from American cash, he could give me no information about this. Plus he told me the Bank that i got the loan funds deposited into, which was correct however I have only had that account 6 month's and have never gotten a loan through it. SCAM When I started to talk about sueing same thing he hung up. I have never heard of this Company or this Guy. I wonder how they just are aboe to get people's information. I hate i ever even used the internet with any of my infomation. I have to have doing that for sure.
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American cash Services Threatened Me With Jail!!

Last night I received a phone call from a man named Alex, phone number (832)-303-****, claiming that I was in default of a loan and that I was going to be sued. I asked to talk to his supervisor, as I do have a payday loan out that I make payments on every month. His "Supervisor's" name was Jason Brown. I proceeded to be threatened with having the police at my door to arrest me "within two hours" if I did not IMMEDIATELY pay them $514.76. When I asked who they were supposed to be representing, not only was I not given a name of a company, they couldn't even tell me the exact amount of the loan I was supposed to have!!! "It's somewher between $300 and $400". I told them I would call them back. by the way, I also received an e-mail from them!!! I contacted the institution that I have the loan through, only to find out they know nothing about this!!! BIG SURPRISE.....NOT!!!!! This afternoon I got home and had another call from them, AGAIN threatening me with jail!! I would like to know if there is anyone who knows wht I can do about filing charges against these people!! Dotti Price
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Kalamazoo, Michigan
New Reviewer

American Cash Services USA

On Sept.12,2012 my Husband got a call from a guy named John an he was calling from (508)313-**** stating he was an attorney for American cash pay day loans, and stated that my husband got a loan from them and that he was being sued and my husband was very pissed off and was telling John that he never got a loan an was asking for more information and the guy said if he don't pay them back by Friday Sept 14,2012 that there will be a cop at his door to arrest him, and then John said he would call back tomorrow and hung up. This morning Sept 13,2012 my husband arrives at work and his boss states that a guy named John has called him about his co worker an that his co worker is being sued for a loan he never paid back. My husband never got a loan from this company an this company has many aliases such as... aka American Unlimited Cash USA aka USA Unlimited aka American Legal Services and possibly other aliases with the initials ACS
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They will also send an email. I got mine from them through email saying I owed them and if I don't pay today they will take legal action against me.

I never took out a loan with them and I deleted the email. I knew it was a scam. Also when they were trying to we apologize they had typed we apologies.

Beware of them. True scammers.


They just called me, the same guy named justin murphy, same guy with the indian accent. I dont feel scary because I dont owe them anything.

I told them that I have a attorney and.

I going to report this to the FBI. And his gang the phone, right away.


This just happened to me....called from Nashville TN and told me if i didn't pay i was going to jail...a warrant for my arrest! Very scarry..a criminal case against me....They Would not give me any info on this but that i needed to pay today!

Justin Murphy with an Indian acssent... I called my local sheriff department to ask questions...they told me to not do anything...the system doesn't work that way....

also told me not to call back.. and if they called me back tell them You reported to the police department and the FBI...and see what they say....Lets see what happens tomorrow....


They called me yesterday st my job


thay call me I told hem I did not get a load he call me the n word I toid to not call my phone he told me I was going to jail


I received a call from someone named Nelson Allen he claimed to represent a law firm representing American Cash Services and that I owed money to them. He wouldn't say when I took the loan.He had a middle eastern accent.He also knew my social security number and where I worked.He threatened to have me arrested if I didn't pay.After I hung up with him I googled the law firm he claimed to be working for and called the law firm.They of course never heard of him and they have had several calls from other people like us.I have already closed my bank accounts and plan on reporting this incident to the FBI and the Texas State Attorney generals office .I would recommend everyone do the same.


Same thing happened to my co-worker but she paid them some money. What can we do to report this scam? I'm furious!!!


Hi, my organization is trying to track down ACS and hold them accountable. We're looking for anyone who has paid them so we can track the money through a merchant account.

Are you still in touch with your coworker (who paid them)?

Please reply to this post or call me directly at 561-316-****. My name is Adam Kay.


The same thing just happened to us! We never took a loan out and my husband was threatened with arrest!


They also called my work threatning to "COME AND PICK ME UP". I do not have a loan with them. It's also funny that the person has a very heavy indian accent!

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Indianapolis, Indiana

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