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Am roofing ripped me off as well. Very shady company. Watch out for their young inexperienced salesman as they are *** artists. The whole company is run by young people with no experience they spray paint chimneys instead of re-flashing them because their installers are all rookies. Get your roofing elsewhere.

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I used AM Roofing 3 times now over the years. Once for my parents house and twice for my personal homes. Now, I'm in the trades as well and I know the hard work it takes to deliver top end quality day in and day out, and I know what pride of workmanship looks like. So I just wanted to say I dont know what these other people are talking about with these poor reviews cause every time I worked with these guys I had nothing but the very best... Read more

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Waited over a month because I wanted a QUALITY job done. SOmeone who takes care of your property and does a good job. Not a drive by price and install. My mistake. The local roofing people are doing roofs in 24 hours and excellent jobs with no damage. It was 5 days for mine. All my shrubs and plants busted or flattened on my property. 100s of nails and pieces of shingles left. Flashing destroyed and nothing sealed. I complained and sent... Read more

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Made promise that they did not keep, wouldnt follow up on calls or issues. I definitely wouldnt recommend this company to anyone.

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Our roof was only 11 years old, we fixed several leaks over the years and had a lot of damage from the recent hail storms. Originally we contacted another roofing company based on a recommendation from a friend to inspect our roof. They informed us we had a lot of hail damage, so we filed a claim with our insurance company. They came back out, met the adjuster for inspection, and our adjuster denied the claim. After 2 weeks, and phone calls... Read more

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I worked for them when try to collect my hard earned money owner called cops trying to have me charged . cop didn't charge me pretty much said that owner looks like *** ,big company trying to have a young guy like myself charged . Owner was ignorant with me and thought he was real tough,smart over phone . Showed how tough,smart he was calling cops.when cop thought it was jokes. it's simple-PAY YOUR WORKERS ! I have bumped into quite few people... Read more

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Called for a quote(not an estimate) on a house we were potentially purchasing. Home inspection revealed shingle curling on an 11 year old house & advised getting a professional to quote on cost of replacement. The written quotes were crucial to our negotiations. If AM roofing was a fair & honest quote they would have the job! They came to do the free estimate, and we were told we'd receive it via email that day. Nothing for a day, &... Read more

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ya I'm an ex employee who worked his *** off for years until my back got hurt when I fell 2 stories and need time to recoup. I got fired and lost my crew. they r clowns all they to is take the contract and sub it out to the lowest paid company's anyways so Buyer Beware

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AM roofing, Owen Sound, replaced a section of our cottage roof. Fortunately, they did a good job. However I had requested notice when they were doing the job so I could inspect and ask questions about why that section of the roof had failed. They ignored my request and refused to contact me to answer my questions. The only contact from them was when they wanted money and that came through a secretary who could not answer my questions. I... Read more

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Am roofing is *** do not get your rooms done by them

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