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Alternative Judicial Services Owner Review

This "company" is a sick joke to society. The owners of it are crooked, and looking to prey upon the weak and intimidated for their own greedy financial gain. Do NOT buy into thinking that they are honest and ethical in the services they provide. That was a mistake on my behalf, thinking they were legitimate and trustworthy. They are not out to provide "alternative" judicial services...quite the opposite, in fact. They will lure you in with their southern dispositions in order to gain your trust. Then when you are doing everything you should, and preparing to get off probation, they lie and deceive the court system into believing otherwise, only for hopes of violating offenders and extending probation longer----AKA fraudulent and unethical conduct. My best advice for dealing with these money-hungry scammers, keep every bit of proof of your compliance and agreements, have everything in writing, and above all DO NOT be afraid to file a complaint with the Private Probation Services Council, under the TN Dept. of Commerce/Insurance. Furthermore, any interested persons should do a web search for the civil lawsuit in Sullivan Co., TN against Danny Henry (probation officer for AJS).
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Not as described/ advertised
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