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I have had many leases over the last 10 years with Ally and never had a turn in problem until this last vehicle.My vehicle had a tiny chip int eh windshield when I turned the car in. The chip was less than 1/2" and was within the acceptable range according to their plastic kit with the 1/2" circle. Since the chip was within the range, I did not bother to have insurance fix it. 3 weeks after turning in the car, I get a bill for $636 to replace...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service and staff
After a three year lease Ally Auto sent a bill for wear on the two rear tires and a small one inch scratch/bump on rear bumper. In addition they bill for the most expensive tire possible. These were the only three items listed on the bill and in my opinion are clearly fair wear and tear. I will never do business again with any Ally group. The rest of the car was in excellent conditions and well below the 12,000 miles per year, I have not...
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I found a $2,500 up charge in my auto lease if I wanted to purchase it at the end . I had planned to buy the car at the end of the lease but this made it not worth it and why would I pay to be ripped off? It is Funny how Ally advertises `no hidden fees' which us clearly not true. I will never buy or lease another GM car or give any of my business to Ally bank. I should note that this is not am empty threat as I went out and leased a new Dodge...
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