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Tonight had the worst experience, called to say I needed a tow truck. The man took all my information, this inculed my cell #, he told me he would text & call back with tow truck time of arrival. 1 hr later I still had not heard back from anyone. So I call back and was told nothing was every set up on first call, in fact they didnt have record of me calling at all! So here I sit waiting now for another 1 hr for another truck to come 15 miles to...
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I have a box truck with only 23000 miles on the transmission snapped the belt on it and it was overheating. Used Allstate Motor clubs tow company and they towed it the wrong way. A second tow company had to be called a few weeks later when my transmission went. I come to find they should have disengaged the drive shaft which the driver definitely didn't do. I even have witness with the mechanic as well as the testimony of the second tow company...
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To begin with, the customer service center doesn't always dispatch your tow request. I have had to call back to check up on tows to learn that the call hadn't even been dispatched. I have been told you HAVE to stay with the vehicle, and also my 16 year old son on the side of the freeway. Last night we had called in a request at 10:00 PM and it now has been 12 hours and the truck remains on the side of the road. If you want to be stranded...
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I didn't like
  • Being told to stay on freeway
  • Being stranded
  • Poor customer service