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A great reference checking company

I have used Allison Taylor several times over the last 20 or so years and find them extremely helpful and competent with their reference checking. They were well worth the money.
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User's recommendation: They are extremely helpful and competent with their reference checking.

Akbar Qsr

Rip Off

Demanded full payment up front, pushy, and then when my Employer referred them to an outside entity known as work verifier, they wanted more money and refused to prorate the charge. I kept asking them upfront what would happen if the Employer would not respond and then never responded and yet demanded payment before they would call Employer. Do not use this company. They are not professional. Call Work Number Verifier, its a free service that Allison Taylor doesn't want you to know about. When I asked for a credit since they couldn't obtain the paid for service, they said they couldn't compel the Employer but yet I paid them for a service that they could not would not provide. Corporate called me saying they would continue calling for an additional 40$. Do not use this company! Do it yourself or use Work Verification. Allison & Taylor is a scam and rip off. All they do is make calls and they don't provide the requested services even after demanding you make payment.
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Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy

Preferred solution: Full refund

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They side with the employer mostly. Do not trust!


Don't use Allison & Taylor for reference checking

I used Allison & Taylor to do a reference check on a previous employer. They provided me with a glowing reference tlhe very next day. It was just general answers that anyone could have wrote down. I don't think they called anyone!! If my former supervisor had been given me such a great reference, tge I would not have been unemployed for the past 4 years!!! A real bunch of lying, scammers here. Don't waste your time or money on these worthless a$$hats. Instead spend it on a real attorney that may be able to actually help you. Shame on you for taking peoples money and doing nothing!
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Bad quality