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Ripped OFF Big Time...and I have evidence

I used to be their biggest fan. Not anymore....RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN. I have gone there for years. I have referred many people there. The first time I felt a little suspicious of them was when they told me my e-break had gotten stuck and broken...also ruining my rotors. I took it to another shop and they couldn't find anything wrong. To this is fine. My husband said maybe he got us confused with another customer....we let it slide. Fast forward to April. We have them do our 100K service. Tell him to do whatever it says is recommended. So timing belt, flushes....told him to do it all. Now, 8 months of my friends is driving the car down the highway. Loud crashing sound and the car stops. The tow truck guy says the timing belt broke in his opinion. I call Bob and ask him if that was something covered by the 12 month warranty provided on the belt and service performed. He immediately says...we didn't replace the water pump. Ummm.... ok. So I ask if he sees the service and he said yes we had it done in April. The belt was changed but not the water pump. He said it wasn't recommended. Every google search I have done says that is recommended for the water pump and belt to be done at the same time. That is not the issue however. He tells us it's the idler pulley, it locked up causing the belt to melt and break. He will have to do a $1200 repair before he can tell me if there is damage to the motor. I trust him....we have done business for years. I say ok. Then he tells us after that there is about $3000 more in damage he can't fix. That will be $1200. My husband calls a buddy of his trying to unload the car. He has a car lot and we were thinking a mechanic may want to buy the car as a project car. He tells us Bob should have known that there was guaranteed damage from her driving 70 miles per hour when it broke. Then tells me that $1200 seems really high.....we email him a receipt. While I wait to hear back I get in touch with Mitsubishi....a certified Mitsubishi mechanic tells me that not only did he over charge but it was by about $600....he charges double what the dealership does. Then I notice our receipt.....a timing belt component kit.....then we were also charged for each component individually. Nice. The next day I get an email from my friends buddy, same estimate....$600. Both agree he should have never done the work anyway because there was 100% chance the engine was damaged. They both recommended replacing the motor. Both are suspicious that this should have been a warranty issue. I am told to ask for the parts he bought and receipts for them. Legally he has to provide these. He brings some of the parts (NO WATER PUMP IN TH BOX) He tells us he will not provide the part receipts because he doesn't have to let us see the wholesale pricing he gets. The receipt for the 100 K service? He has a hard time finding (Strangely on day one he pulled it up in seconds while we are on the phone) OH wait he found it to my husband. Looking over it I notice it is an estimate....not an invoice and it was typed up TODAY. I call him he stutters a bit and said its a list of what they did. I tell him I need the actual recept. The one I signed. If there is a Component kit on there he is liable for all of it and he knows it. He can't find it. I send my husband up there to get him to look on the computer in front of him. Him and his friend walk in and there are shredding noises coming from Bob's office. That's reassuring. So, then to top it off they broke the handle on the driver side. Apparently there was a crack in it.....Funny. I never saw one before. So now I have a ruined motor and a broken driver side handle so you can't even get into the car. Thanks Bob.....your receipt says Honesty, Accuracy, and Quality.....Lies. I feel even worse as I don't even know how many of my friends and family he has ripped off. I referred him to everyone :-( **** Update ****I am now replacing the water pump he put in, supposedly new. The guy replacing my motor said he would not guarantee the work if I didn't because the one Bob put in is covered in sealant and leaking. Being as the car hasn't been started since he put it in he couldn't have put in a new one. Also, he told us the $1200 repair was the only way to know if I had engine damage. Mitsubishi recommends a compression test. :-( My handle he told my husband was cracked and that is how it broke in their care...he told the BBB it was broken before he got it. I am trying to track down the tow guy to testify that it was not broken. Also, I have the girl that was driving the car that day (not me) as a witness. When I called him about the water pump he told me he had no interest in talking to me. I am building a case to take him to court. I have the water pump and video of the work being done to repair the damage they caused.I have done business with him for years...sent everyone I knew to him. I now wonder how many times I have been ripped off. He is a bad man
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Sorry to hear you got ripped off from this company as well. I know it’s been over 5 years since then.

This company should no longer be in business for just the simple FACT of dishonesty on their part. Curious if you were able to sue his ***

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Dallas, Texas
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Allen Car Care - Damaged steering wheel

Took my 2007 Ford Sport Trac to them to have a wheel bearing replaced. I left it with them since Bob the owner had to order the wheel bearing. I got a call a few hours later and he told me that he and one of his techs test drove the truck and didn't hear any issues with the bearing. I told him to go ahead and replace it. Around closing time he called me again to tell me the truck was ready and that my steering wheel was really loose. There was no mention of it when he test drove it prior to the repair to my bearing. During the repair, they did something to damage the steering wheel and are trying to cover it up by saying it was that way when I took it in. The following morning I had to drive the truck with a loose steering wheel to the Ford dealership to have it repaired at a cost of over $100.00. If you decide to do business with this guy, I'd suggest you stay with your car/truck and watch everything they do to it. I will no longer do any business with this company again.
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More fabricated lies Bob? I have not posted anywhere that "people are out to get me". Nor have I ever thought that. The fact remains, your company damaged my steering wheel and you continue to lie to cover up the issue.

I have written and posted my reviews on you and your company for the sole purpose to alert other consumers of the problem I've had in doing business with you.

My advice to the reader, find another reliable and honest place here in Allen to get your car serviced or repaired.


Thankyou Shawn, Most all of us understand the logic of your words. Most all of us know as you examples putting air in the tire doesnt affect the air conditioner relating to putting a wheel bearing has no affect or relation to a loose steering wheel. Thanks again for your comments Shawn.


This little man just does not quit with the accusations and name calling. Of course as he says "I can't prove this was the issue with my truck, but...." you just can't prove something that just did not happen.

Until he comes around that people are not out to get him, or going to just break his car for no reason, this illusion will continue to plague his mind of this I am sure.

Get over it dude, its not that big a deal, nobody messed you over, you had a loose wheel, dont let it give you a loose screw up there where ya should be thinking clearly. :)


Update to the damaged steering wheel column....

After doing some research on it, I found the wheel can become "loose" if someone had the wheels turned and the steering mech. becomes locked when you try to instert the key and try to turn it and they use force in the wrong direction in trying to unjam it. I can't prove this was the issue with my truck, but found that it is possible.

As far as Bob's comment, only he and I know he is a flat out lier on this subject as to if I had this problem before taking my truck in for repair. If it was, it would have been the first thing asked to be looked at.

I can only hope that Bob has good luck with future car repairs and that this sort of thing doesn't happen to anyone else.

As far as my posts in other blogs, Yeah, I had good service with him with my other car and had the trust in his buisness and thought I could trust him with my truck.

It is too bad that this issue had to end the trust in doing any future business with him.


The Steering Column shaft would not be touched or interrupted during a wheel bearing inspection or replacement. With the details mentioned, the loose steering wheel was not noticed by Martin the consumer, or was a coincedence for the shaft to "*** loose". Shawns comment was right on.


This man, Martin M? Has posted numerous blogs attempting to discredit a family owned/operated business with incorrect substance to his blogs.

You can see them on Yahoo under Allen Car Care,, this site of course and numerous others. It's a shame when you try to help a devious, enraged, person such as this and he tries his hardest to tear apart three family's livelyhood.

We can only hope he will realize where he is headed with such rage an contempt. We wish him a softer heart and pray for him he will come to peace with his speculations he is experiencing.


I use to think so as well when I use to take my other car in for repairs.

Bob just flat out lied to me about my steering wheel and tried to say it was that way when I brought it in.

Who in their right mind would drive around with a steering wheel soo loose and not want it fixed?

Ford claimed that all the bolts and nuts were tight, but the upper shaft was jerked loose somehow.

I don't know what they did to mess it up and don't think I'll ever find out.


I know this guy to be a stand up guy...sorry to hear about the problem. I like when a car comes in to get air in the tire and then the owner complains that now their AC is not working.

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Richardson, Texas

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