I received this certificate from a short course offered by the public library in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I wasn't expecting it to be "accredited" from an American company. Unfortunately the certificate looks awful esthetically and I would be embarrassed to show it to anyone.
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Frank L Tfn
map-marker Albany, Georgia

Allegra Learning Solutions, LLC

I signed up for a "continuing education" class at a nearby University. The good news is that the course was pretty easy and interesting. The total cost was around $200. My disappointment was when I sent in the completed exam and critique they emailed me a cheezy certificate from Allegra, rather than from the college I took the course from. One of the main reasons I went through the UNIVERSITY was to get a nice framable "diploma" type certificate. When I went to the University to show them the certificate refused to give me one with their information. In their explanation, they said the course wasn't accredited! I was dumfounded. Now, on my resume, if I decided to list the certificate, I have to list a non-accredited educational company, rather than from a college or university. Sounds a bit cheap and evasive to me. Previously, when I paid 1/4 of that amount for a continuing education course from other universities-even Harvard-they send me a nice "diploma".
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There's many complaints about the same issue in other states that they use other college logos to get students in you can really reported to the Better Business Bureau and file a class action suit for misrepresentation but you have to read the manuals and advertising to see actually what it states to determine if they represented the accreditation appropriately.