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The True Garcnina Does Work

Deceptive marketing with a bad product. Low trail offer price of $5 and then auto-fulfillment of $89 to $99 per month. Once you get the second shipment, its too late. No return policy. what a joke. Be careful. They will advertise on social media. Claim excellent results, offer a very low trail offer price, require auto-fulfillment in the fine print, and then ship your auto refill before your finished with the first shipment for a price 20x higher than the trial offer price. To top it off, there is no return policy. You are stuck with the second shipment. Don't even try to call them to return. They will tell you that their is no cancellation once the order has shipped. If they believed in the product, or their product did what it has promised, they would have better purchase terms and better customer service. Buyer be ware.
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Reason of review:
deceptive marketing

Preferred solution: Full refund