map-marker Miami, Florida

Mounting charges

Why are they charging for mounting tires Are we the customers supposed to put the tires on our car ourselves This makes it evident that we the customers are paying the employees labor above and beyond the prices of the tires I have been doing business with Discount Tires for over 20 years and they keep increasing the price of the mounting of the tires
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  • Convenient location
  • Charges for tire mounting

User's recommendation: Find a tire dealer who does not charge a mounting fee

map-marker Mansfield, Texas

Defective Tires

Bought some tires and not even two weeks later the tires popped. The owner refused to give us our money back of even give us another one of the same tires. The tires were Saffiro brand. The owner and they employees had horrible customer service and said our warranty only covered "defective" tires. Im pretty sure what happened to us was considered defective. We told him we were going to file a complaint and he said he didnt care. He said no one can touch him or his company. Only the saffiro company. Horrible shop please dont shop there. Save yourselves time.
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