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Hello, I am a Dell customer, I purchased Alien ware R3 17.3" 6th gen laptop from a Dell exclusive brand store in Mumbai , In the 7th month of my warranty period I started facing problems with the laptop. I request for service from Dell, and the problems and number of times services are done are listed below :- Motherboard was changed due to problem as laptop was not switching ON -service request reference number is 932305525 - 7th July - Dell |...
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I liked
  • Design of the build and hardware
I didn't like
  • Bad staff and its knowledge about its own company products
  • Customer service executives are stubborn and not at all helpfull
  • Problematic internal hardware
I sent in the computer to the company. They said it would be 5-7 days in repair shop (plus one day up and one day back for shipping). It has no been 3 weeks since I sent it. First they closed the bill before it was finished so no work was done on it. Then they forgot to order a part until last minute. Now it is almost friday of the third week and I have not received a single update without hastling my support contact there. What a load shite. .
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