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Very poor service one of there customers it my car and lied her butt off the service was horrible she never once called my insurance company to get 2016 vechile fixed plus she asked me not to call the law she also stated to the police officer she didnt even know what happened she made up a fake lie and they just went along with there customer it was poorly invested but i will not rest until she is in court . I will never ever recommend this...
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The person that I had a car accident with is insured by Alpha(Vision) Insurance.The accident happened on 06/28/2016. We were rear ended by 2 different cars behind us! The car i was in was VERY BAD! The person that was at fault did not have car insurance but we were told we can go through the drivers car insurance. The person that is insured with them has waited since JUNE to get her settlement for her totalled car! She did not have and still...
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They are most unprofessional and most rude insurance ever they take ur money and don't care about u , wife & 2 kids injured car total lost they offer me $700 medical bills alone are $12,500 + people stay away they are very very BAD !!!
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Alfa Insurance Auto Claim Review

My daughter totaled her truck almost 4 months ago. Still no payment to finance co or her. We have already retained an attorney and Monday will contact Newspaper and T.V stations. They gladly taken money every month but has not paid as promised
They would not set up auto draft. Also, they use a service for appraisals and they are really off base. My body shop said they are the worst insurance company they dealt with in 15 years. The rates started out well but it really went up after a claim. They are better about responding to email but we had two claim adjuster changes during our claim with them. We weren't told until we happen to call and after waiting about 30 minutes, someone...
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Anonymous What a terrible and horrible Insurance Company. Customer Service and Claim Process is a nightmare. Alpha Insurance Company needs a major overhaul..

I didn't like
  • Claims customer service
Dude pay full coverage on 4 car/trucks for over 2years hail damage while waiting i had my ride damage estimateed 3 different places total at two places 9000 at the last place less then 5000 at alfa cant believe the run around heres the deal iam what people say oh no he dont go type of person every day its on the table what and how to return the treatment after reading the things they do to others i cant wait blastem on social media news...
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Alfa insurance is the worst company I have ever dealt with. My car was parked, and one of their insured drivers hit three cars including mine, but mine was the worst because it was the first to be hit. Everything in the front of the car was destroyed including the hood, and the radiator. The back was damaged, and some other damages on the drivers door and fender. After filing a claim with Alfa, they called me once, and said they are waiting for...
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