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Oh, Rob@alattehotte, You promised good service; you promised that you would repair my beloved Saeco espresso machine.I had so much hope, Rob@alattehotte; I trusted you so. Yet, after weeks turned to months and months to a year, I suspected something might be wrong. Why could no one tell me when my machine would be repaired Rob@alattehotte, you promised parts would come in and my machine would be as good as new. When parts were still not found,...
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aLatteHotte had my Saeco automatic espresso machine for over 6 months, and this was after I returned it twice because they hadn't fixed the problem I described. I followed up with them several times asking for status and every time was assured that it was almost done and should be ready for shipment the following week. This was from the owner, Rob, because the service manager never responded to my requests for status updates. When started...
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Phillips told me to send my Saeco Syntia to Alatte Hotte for diagnosis and repair. Rob (the owner) told me that it typically takes one week to fix these machines. Once he received it - he billed me $281 for the repair before ordering parts. This was in early January 2016. Nothing happened until I started phoning him in March. He said Phillips was still sourcing parts. I called Phillips and they said they had parts. After getting parts he...
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