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I had a tech come to my house because my upstairs air conditioner was not working. First, he sat outside in his truck on a personal phone call for 15 minutes. I finally opened the door so he would hurry up, he walked into my house, still o the phone, saying..."I love you too". Nothing like wasting time. Then he checks my unit, after they serviced it for the Summer this year...and tells me the condenser in no good! He says, pretty arrogantly...
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shelley411 Glad to see I am not the only almost-patsy.


AJPerriRep Thank you for the feedback. We would be happy to honor our 100% satisfaction guarantee but we do not have your contact information. At your convenience please contact our Qual...

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Accepted AJ Perri's promo for a $69 A/C tuneup that wound up costing me $1089! The promo is simply a ploy to find other things wrong with your system. If you think about it, at $69 they're losing money but know they will "discover" other issues whether the issues exist or not. Suspect they would change your cars transmission fluid and replace your house roof if you allowed them. Technician also recommended that I should have an additional $2800...
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Anonymous I had the same offer by the tech to change the blower motor and compressor motor capacitors for total $665.00 and tuneup contract for the next year. Tuneup offer is a sort of ...


Anonymous so they came to my house also for the $69 service and the tech wanted to change my capacitor,so i am trying to get a better price he told me $350 for the job,while he was inst...