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Don't trust.Was charged 100 just to check unit. Was told totally shot, was set up with a sales person. Next day called a mom and pop place for a second opinion. Wow 275$ later was up and running. A j total scam. Was told they are all about hard sales. Stay away.You been warned
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AJPerriRep Thank you for the feedback. Our top priority is to help our customers in the most beneficial way to them. Sometimes a quick fix isn't the best solution for the long run. Using...

We scheduled an 89.00 tune (per zone) of our AC due to the upstairs zone blowing warm air.The tech arrives and he's a nice guy. He checks the units and says we have a bad capacitor, that he can replace for $354.00. I recalled a neighbor telling me this was a 10-25.00 part from a few years earlier so I googled it. Long story short, this guy "recommended" that I replace both capacitors, get two "hard start " kits and two other things for a total...
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Anonymous My recommendation next time?
live in the heat, diagnose it yourself, buy the parts and fix it yourself.
Be careful capacitors store lethal voltages.
so next time for ...


AJPerriRep Thank you for taking time to share your feedback. AJ Perri strives to provide each customer with an exceptional service experience. We know we are not the least expensive prof...

I liked
  • Initial service inspection
I didn't like
  • Conned with an overpriced part
Just had my air conditioning unit inspection for my annual renewal and your tech was great i hope he can always service my home, Alex Lopez was great.
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AJPerriRep Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review about your air conditioning unit inspection. We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with the technician that we sent ou...