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Poor service, rude staff. Put money over what is best for pet. Do not take complaints seriously, offer no resolution. Avoid.
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User's recommendation: Avoid

SusanT T Ags
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Aireworth Vets Keighley ripped me off

My husband's first wife took her border collie *** in to Aireworth Vets in Keighley West Yorkshire this week and was told that the dog needed an emergency caesarean. She didn't have the money and was told the treatment couldn't go ahead unless she paid up front. She rang my husband in a state and said she didn't have the money and put the vet on the phone, so I know it is true. We couldn't see the dog die, so he phoned me at work and I had to ring them back and pay them over the phone on my credit card. I might add that I'm not even on friendly terms with this woman, and have never even seen the dog, so this was done very reluctantly and only to save the dog because the vet said he wouldn't start the op without the money and she was in considerable pain. It was only afterwards when I'd had time to think, that I thought - hang on a vet wouldn't let a dog and puppies die. Not having much to do with vets before, I rang up and asked them if they would have let the dog die if I hadn't paid the money. The manager Alice said no so I asked for my money to be refunded as the owner is nothing to do with me and I don't want this on my credit card. They have refused. They have admitted that the woman has 2 accounts with them – and that there was a "problem" with the equine account. I can understand that they need to get their money; but to blatantly lie to my husband in order to get anyone to pay this woman's debt is to me unethical, immoral and unprofessional. They will have their own channels to pursue debts without resorting to playing on other peoples' emotions in an emergency situation in order to get their money. Anyway it couldn't have been an immediate life and death situation as they waited for all these phone calls and the card payment to go ahead. After speaking to the manager, she changed her tune and said the vet can euthanase an animal if the owner can't pay!!!! So beware - if you have an emergency and can't pay, these vets can hold you to ransom, euthanase your pet or, as in this case, will not start the operation until you get anyone, just anyone to pay the money up front. I've been really upset by all of this especially as I was at work trying to do my job at the same time as giving my credit card details to these people and they know how badly this is affecting me, but they won't do the decent thing and refund my money and pursue this woman via the correct channels. Thankfully the dog and puppies are ok. To make matters worse, the bill actually came to £542 in the end but they wouldn't even refund the extra £8! - and as for itemising what I actually paid for - guess what they can't tell me that either cos it comes under data protection laws and I'm not the pet owner! Shame on you Aireworth Vets. You've conned me out of £550 for a service I haven't even had personally, just for your own profit.
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first question?

why was the dog pregnant? with NO prenatal care?? (obviously since the due date wasn't known, an established vet who was ready for a possible C-section?) would you let your teenage daughter get knocked up and not do anything to make sure both the mother and baby were healthy??

all I have to say is shame on you. first for letting a pregnancy go to term without medical care; second, for complaining about the cost when your irresponsible behavior led to an unwanted and complicated pregnancy???

I do not go to the grocery store and want groceries for free because I am "hungry."

I do not go the gas station for gas for free because I need gas/oil change and want something for free because I am entitled??

why do you think that a service should be free just because you need it???

vets are in debt over $200,000 (US)....the loan companies do not accept late or no payment just because they are doing the furry creatures a favor.

welcome to the REAL, RESPONSIBLE world where people pay for what they need, for what they could have prevented by spaying/neutering/getting proper medical care.

Grow a pair and take responsibility for your (or your family's) actions.


First question? Did you read this before shooting your mouth off?

This is about being scammed over the phone into paying someone else's bill.


It may be that this lady has not paid bills in the past. Vets, are not a charity, but do have a moral obligation to treat an animal in this situation.

If you are unhappy, the body to report them to is RCVS, (the Royal College of veterinary surgeons).

A vets I CAN reccomend is Ashlands, the one on Devonshire Street is fairly good. This is just my own personal oppinion.

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