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I have been using the air climber for about 5 year and i am 58 right now. And in the beast shape in my life Read more

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Review about Airclimber from Chicago, Illinois
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I was really excited about getting this stepper. But right off the bat the pedals don't inflate so I had to do it manually (pushing the button down while lifting stepper will no longer hold air in the steps. Read more

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i ordered the air climber thinking it was really gonna work.. so i called and they where very nice but then few days later when i checked my bank account i saw that they had charged me 169.80 for a 30 day trial when they had told me that they where gonna charged me 19.90 for the air climber and some energy ***...i really thought that was very *** because i would of never ordered it if they where gonna charged me that much oh wait and when they... Read more

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This particular product in question, the Air Climber, was purchased less than a year ago and broke almost breaking my right foot. The cheap plastic is a waste of money and it only carries a sixty day warranty. When you call their customer service it's labored out to people from India and I truly don't think you are actually calling the U.S. So read the actual reviews before your out one hundred or so dollars. This product seriously needs to... Read more

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Fraud! I have never even heard of air climber, and just got their climber in the mail!!! They somehow got my CC# and charged me $161.91. I called and they seemed to "want" me to file fraud with my CC company or bank. It seemed like part of thier scam. I asked them why they didn't want to just give me a return Ath #...why do they want me to file fraud? But they did give me a return # and I will need to pay return shipping ...maybe $25. But... Read more

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I ordered the Air Climber and that in itself was a major hassle. It came to the house and didn't work. The little timer thing didnt work and the thing didn't inflate the way it is on the tv. I called and wanted a shipping lable to send it back and I.m getting that but they are keeping my shipping from when I ordered it. I told the guy that I shouldn't have to pay shipping for a defective product. He said sorry that's how it is. Then he said did... Read more

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I purchased the Air Climber because the advertisement lead me to believe that it was easy and not hard on your joints because of the "Step On Air" concept. This was not so, I experienced a bit of pain in my knees. When I called to return it the operator was rude, saying I should have consulted my Dr. first and that the commercial does not state that. She was also snippy when I discovered that out of a payment of $49.49 I will only be... Read more

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