Airbrush Makeup - SCAMMERS
the website and app clearly states a 7 day free trial. that you PAY FOR??!!!? i want my money back NOW. in a cost of living crisis before christmas as well, sad people.

User's recommendation: avoid.

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How did they have your bank info if it was a free offer? All your fault for providing your info.

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Corpus Christi, Texas
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  • Scam
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Full refund


I saw the ads about this device, so I decided to buy it. Bad idea. First, the airbrush didn't work at all. The compressor seemed cheap and poorly made. Then, I checked out the online reviews, and found this site. I should have done this FIRST. These people DO NOT have a money-back guarantee (which ALL items I know of always have), and they have this "25% restocking fee" which pretty much destroys your refund even if they had one. They don't. I was going to give this airbrush makeup idea a try, but with *** customer service like this (they never return calls), it put a very, very bad taste in my mouth. I'm just going back to my usual makeup. THIS ISN'T A COMPANY YOU'D WANT TO DEAL WITH :-(
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New York, New York
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Bad quality
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Full refund


Do NOT purchase equipment from this company. The airbrushes are poorly made. When it fails, just pray you don't have a client in your chair. I have gone through 5 airbrushes since June. Once you start asking for a refund, they stop returning your phone calls and emails. I have spent over $500 with Dinair and lost even more because of their very poor product quality. They have sent out replacement airbrushes... that don't work. Yet, they think they've done everything possible to rectify the situation. Sending me defective equipment doesn't resolve anything. When I called one last time, "Daisha" suggested that I take a class. How nice that they blame customers for their poor product quality. And just to add insult to injury, I was warned not to call back as they'd flag me as harassing them. I have never ever been treated with such disrespect and disdain as a customer. BUYER BEWARE!!!
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Lady Lake, Florida
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Damaged or defective
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Full refund

Dinair - beware of fine print in warranty

Purchased a new Dinair Pro Airbrush Makeup Kit with a cute little cystal in the dial. Less than two months later the machine simply stops working. Not little red light. No warning. Under warranty I contacted the company and the fine print began. Return shipping was payable by consumer (US$55) dinair Inspection (US$25) Should a replacement be authorized another shipping cost of (US$55). Thinking that all of these costs almost add up to the cost of a new machine I further enquired as to whether you could simply order a replacement compressor, approx. US$160-US$210. Oh! and furthermore the Dinair Air compressor is a glorified variable speed air pump, the same as you would use for fish. Expensive mistake. ITS CERTAINLY HARDER TO MAKE MONEY THAN SPEND IT, AND I FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OF WHEN I PURCHASE A FAULTY ITEM AND HAVE THIS HAPPEN.
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Wow I just purchased an airbrush system from them and I'm scared now!


Good luck! I also purchased one and it only worked 1 time. After fighting with them I still lost over $100 and sent the junk back


First off return shipping to any company is the customers burden, not the company. If you purchase shoes from a Mall 30 miles away do you expect the mall to refund your fuel cost in driving to and from the mall?

*** ! :upset Do not demand foolish things...


To haaaa, if the company has faulty items they should carry the burden, period! Especially after two months and especially if it is a expensive item.

I really hope you get stuck with a faulty item that cost you *** loads of money. :(


It isn't foolish to expect a company to pay for return shipping for a broken product under warranty. It also isn't odd for a buyer to feel exploited when the company charges them for things like an inspection of a broken or faulty product that is still under warranty. Sounds like Dinair tries to squeeze money out of its consumers.

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Dinair won't give me my money

it is Feb!!! I ordered a kit the day after xmas. First I tried to used a credit card gift carf bit it didn't work. When I went back and reordered somehow I bought 2 at FULL PRICE when I wanted a plan. I call almost IMMEDIATELY to fix it, thinking that since I JUST ORDERED it they could simply change the payment and qty. No. this lady put that order ON HOLD not cancel ON HOLD. So the next day I called and asked why and they finally canceled it. And then started the battle to get my money back. Every time I called it ended in a "let me call you back" without anybody ever actually doing that. After fighting fighting fighting I FINALLY got somwone to saw my refund when though. This is before jan 22nd. I got an email TODAY from them saying my refund has approved. So they straight lied to me and I still don't have my 400 dollars
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That's awful! Have you tried Temptu?

They are awesome and their products are amazing! I am a professional makeup artist and I use their products for airbrush. It's very flawless and light. You can check out my website at to see what the makeup looks like on.

I also have a blog about Temptu on my website. Check it out!

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Moreno Valley, California

Dinair was going to keep my money!

I hate it when you return something and the merchant "forgets" to refund you until you e-mail them regarding the issue. It's only happened to me once, with an Amazon Marketplace seller, and because it's so rare I figure that the merchant hopes that you don't notice that your balance isn't as high as it should be so that they can keep your money. In this case I cancelled an order with Dinair for an airbrush makeup kit because after waiting 5 days for it to ship I realized that it was most likely not going to work and it was too expensive for a "Just try it!" purchase. I cancelled the order and got a confirmation e-mail. Weeks later I still didn't have my refund so I did a chat with Dinair customer service. That woman never responded. I closed the chat window and opened a new one, getting a new woman this time. Here is the transcript with both our names removed. System is getting started. [Tuesday, February 14, 2012 12:07:01 PM] A representative will be connected, please be patient. Dominique enters the chatroom. Dominique 12:07:22 PM Hi, my name is Dominique. How may I help you? Italia 12:08:00 PM Hi. I canceled my order on the 7th and my credit card company told me that you charged me on the 6th. They told me to contact you because refunds are usually processed in 3-5 days. My order # is 055180. Can you check and see what's going on? Dominique 12:10:02 PM Yes it does say cancelled but you cancelled it after the day you were charged Italia 12:11:07 PM OK. Have you processed a refund? I would assume so but my CC company has told me sometimes you have to contact the merchant for a credit after they've said they order is cancelled. Dominique 12:12:02 PM Yes I have notified the refunds department. Was there a certain reason you did not want the kit? Italia 12:12:29 PM ...Are you saying you hadn't refunded me for the canceled item? Dominique 12:14:32 PM No because it takes longer than one day to refund Italia 12:16:00 PM I didn't think it took a day. It's the 14th so I'm asking if today is the day the refund dept. will credit my card, or did it happen somewhere between the 6th and now? Because if you were going to keep my money until I contacted you, you're a bad company. Which I will post to a forum or consumer complaint website. Thanks. I ended the chat then because she did not respond to my last two questions. I assume I'll get a refund within the next few days but imagine if I was so scattered or dumb or elderly that I wan't keeping an eye on my bank accounts like I should. If that was the case, Dinair would have kept $286.66 from an order that I canceled and never received. That's a big deal.
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Dinair canceled my ordered, and had ups not deliver it to me. (Return to sender) they are refusing to refund my money!

I have contacted the BBB, and a lawyer.

From what I am reading they are very bad about stealing people's money!


OK, the makeup system was fine,its the customer service that is horrendous!!! I received my dinair february,2012, tried it twice and didnt like it so i sent it back.

went to the post office got delivery confirmation etc,called dinair to get my refiund number,the works. sent it back and waited.after almost a month i called customer service.they said they were waiting for accounting to issue me a refund date and they would call me back. two weeks later i was charged 44.95. i called them AGAIN and they could not explain why i was charged,and they said they were still waiting for the refund date,i got transfered and put on hold multiple times with getting nowhere.

called again three weeks later,they said i would get my refund the following friday. i said ok, that was two weeks ago,still no refund,i finally called them again, today,may 7,2012 and was told the refund girl was at a work shop and would call me back tomorrow,fyi,they never have called me back like they said they would, thats just a ploy to get you off the phone! i argued with them and said i wanted to resolve this TODAY,the lady,after transfering me and putting me on hold a dozen times,said there was nothing she could do. so after i hung up with them i called my cc company,wells fargo, i explained what was going on and the lady put me on hold cause SHE was gonna call dinair.

withing five minutes i was connected to dinair,with the lady who magically didnt have to be at work shop anymore. she tried to tell me that i waited over a month before sending back my dinair,according to her files,i told her b.s that i was looking at the email i sent them requesting my refund number just six days after i received it,she said hmmmhm and put me on hold, then i was transfered to a guy who said that he was gonna refund me later in the week,now, my credit card lady had been listening in the whole time,which dinair didnt know, in the middle of this guy talking to me she interuppted and set him straight and said we wanted details and date of a refund.he started stammering,asking if she had been listening the whole time started apologizing and magically was able to get me my refund today. my cc lady worked him like no other he was totally caught and she called him out.

she got his name and number and date ofkmy refund,full refund with no restocking fee and said if i do not get my refund call her back and we will file a com plaint.either way im gonna get my money she said. bottom line,they are horrible scammers,if you never ever intend on sending anything back,maybe dinair is for you,otherwise stay very far away!!!!


OK, final update. I got my refund today.

Finally! I looked this company up on the BBB website and they have about 12 complaints in the past year from women who ordered their products. Apparently this company likes to take your money and hates to give it back!

One woman got "the run-around" for three months before getting her money back. I'm glad that I was so proactive about this.


Update: As of today, the 21st, still no refund. Dinair still has my money.


Guess what? Victory!!!

I just got off the phone with Dinair. Jeanie didn't return my call so I called Dinair at 3:00. The first time I called someone answered the phone then hung up without speaking(!!!). I called right back and this time my call was answered by a man.

I told him that I've been waiting for a refund for 10 days and I wanted to know what was going on. I gave him my name and my order number and he started to research the issue. He asked how many times I had contacted them about it. I told him about all my phone calls, chat sessions and e-mails that went unanswered and he apologized.

He continued to research the issue, talking to me frequently, and after about six minutes he told me that he had just given me a refund and sent me an e-mail confirmation. I was logged into my e-mail account at that time so I checked and yes, the e-mail was already there. He told me that he (a manager) thought they should get more organized so he created a returns department. He said that I should have been given the returns department's e-mail address (which I wasn't) because when everyone tries to handle everything, "things get lost in the mix".

Things should never get lost in the mix, especially not customer's money! But I forgive him. He said that I'll get the money in 2-4 days. Thank goodness that's over with.

I'm soooo happy that I'm going to get my money back soon. But I'll never order from Dinair again.


It's me with another update. Last night I sent an e-mail to Dinair and I sent them a message through their chat window requesting they tell me what they are doing with my money.

As of 2:03 PM today I haven't gotten a response to either of my messages. I did not recieve my refund today so I had to talk to Dinair again. I attempted to chat but my attempts were rejected(!!!) during normal business hours and I was told to leave a message for them in the chat window. I called and held the phone for more than five minutes before hanging up.

The next time I called, someone answered the phone after another five plus minute hold and didn't say a word. All I heard was typing, typing, typing, until I hung up. I called again and told the woman who answered that I canceled my order on the 7th and ten days later I haven't received my nearly $300.00 refund. She told me she didn't handle that area and she would transfer me to the person in charge of refunds (Jeanie).

She transfered me and after holding for about a minute she came back to the phone and told me that Jeanie was not answering her phone and will be back around 2:00.

She told me to leave a message on her voicemail so I just finished leaving a message and hopefully she'll call me within the hour. I will keep you informed.


I'm the author of the original complaint. I changed our names to D--- and I--- for privacy but this website somehow overrode my changes and displayed both our real names.

I'm not liking that. Also, this website added quotation marks and questions marks where there were none in the original transcript and there are a few typos, also not in the original transcipt. But other than that everything is correct. I encourage other women NOT to buy from this company.

According to my CC company I was supposed to get my refund today but it hasn't been posted to my account. If I don't get it tomorrow I'll have to call Dinair and find out what's going on with the $286.66 they owe me for the order I canceled on the 7th.


I have been waiting for my refund for an order cancelled within the hour. It has been 1 month and I've called every day for the past 2 weeks.

I just keep getting the run around.

Where can we file a claim or law suit for all of the money owed. This company needs to be held accountable and charges pressed!

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San Diego, California

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