Bought the PHR103 Plush High-Rise King Size Air Mattress with built-in air pump. Used it for about 4 months in a summer rental house. When we returned the following Spring when pumped up the mattress so we could use it again. When is was full it looked like a huge muffin had invaded our bedroom. The middle was only a crown. So we let the air out and tried it again with my 125 lb. wife laying on it. Same result. Of course it only comes with 3...
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I didn't like
  • Quality
My husband purchased the mattresses which worked fine for maybe 2/3 nights. Then the motor wouldn't inflate (built in motor burned out). We were annoyed but decided to give the company the benefit of the doubt and mailed back the logo and paid extra for receipt signature. When it did finally arrive (2weeks later). It last one night before the same issue. This company suggested purchasing a pump and also pointed out at this point our warranty...
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Please see annexed video that I recorded. When I 1st received this air bed I called ur office within a few days and reported that the air keeps coming out when sleeping on it. I was told to patch it up with the supplied patches now the queen sized air bed does not respond to the electrical socket therefore I can not even put air in it. It cost me approx $170 dollars and u said that u could not send me a pre-paid label but I am reaching out to ur...
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RealityCheck Wow! Where to start! First of all you sound like Guido the Italian douche bag in your video. Complete with clock from the 90's and *** outlets that probably have way too much ...


Airbed Review

THE WORST ONLINE company to purchase from brought a air bed from them try to use it two months later it did not work when contacted the company their refuse to return the money now I am left with a non working air bed Don't buy from them if you care about your money! Very poor customer service.
Sent a different product than i ordered, it was defective and they wanted me to pay for return. I paid for return and got another defective bed they said they did not receive the return then someone slipped and admitted they had it. they are dishonest. AVOID AVOID!! Do not waste your money, Scammers. How many ways can you say do not do business with them. Find somewhere else to get the products. 100 words is way to many as a minimum. how many...
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I have bought ten airbeds from intex and they do not last more then thirty days they always have holes in them for no reason and they don't come with patches like they should the company should be responsible not the store
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Arizona Puerto Rican Cowboy You should have quit at ONE if they're that bad....

I unfortunately purchased a bed matress from this vendor it lasted for a night and it was deflated to the floor. i requested te returned it, of course, I have to pay for the freight pack it and send it back, I requested return instructions and Guess what? they never send them when I called them back they said the warranty was expired. WARNING DO NOT BUY FROM THEM For this vendor is easier to leave an unsatisfied customer than to abide by their...
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I didn't like
  • Nothihg about this company
I bought one Queen size bed, had it one night in the morning I was sleeping on the floor. I called them and told them there was a hole in the seam. They told me to take pictures and email them to them. I gladly , applied. They mailed out a second bed. Guess what , same problem, leaks from the seams. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else, because this company and the merchandise isnt worth your hard earned money. At, least not mine.!!!!!
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I bought two beds (queen). One was awesome. One leaked. I had to return the leaking bed and it cost me $112 to ship back to the company AT MY EXPENSE. BAD BUSINESS MODEL. BAD. They were very attentive to trying to figure out the problem on the second bed that definitely had a leak from the time i inflated it- had an out of town guest who had to wake up every two hours and reinflate through the night three nights in a row. Not good. It is...
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I liked
  • Immediate customer response
I, too, have experienced trouble with But I must admit that it was only after the tenth airbed I purchased from that company over the years. But five of them were gifts, and now I wonder whether the recipients just never bothered to tell me if they had had any issues. First, I received this tenth airbed (Pillow Rest Mid-Rise Twin Air Bed Mattress - Intex Airbed 67741) it in its original packaging, nothing sturdy, via UPS. ...
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99.00 for one time use,the website says 90 day warranty,but they emailed me back and said its 30 days so i looked again it says 90 days,this bed is junk,when the seams popp it raises up 1 foot,this company is a scam do not buy from airbeds4less ,its like sleeping on a 1 ft log in your bed,what a piece of junk,why would they lie and say its a 30 day warranty when the wesite says 90 days answer is they are selling chinese junk,i to wish i would...
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