I have flown with Air New Zealand many times now. Recently though, I am left with concerns about flying with Air New Zealand. I am a Star Alliance Gold, 1K status with United. On my last two trips with Air New Zealand, I was not treated well as a Gold Alliance member. I was hoping that there would have been some professional respect for a Star Alliance member. I was treated rudely and was shined on when asking a question. On my recent trip from...
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Air New Zealand Customer Service Greetings: I live in Los Angeles and go fairly often to London. My next trip will be in November and then again in December. Most probably they will not be on Air NZ. You may want to know why. My last flight with you, LAHR/LAX on NZ1, May 08 last year [please see details below] , was the most unpleasant treatment I received from an airline in some fifty years of air travel. My colleagues [the hollywood Foreign...
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Let me start by saying we have flown air new Zealand 4 times in the past 2 years, usually with 2 business and 6-8 Premium Economy seats at a time since we are a large family. On this trip my husband and I settled into business and asked our stewardess if it was OK to have our baby (just 3 years old) come sleep with me once the meal service was over, which we did on the way to and from Australia last Christmas. She was in the back with her older...
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Ben I'm sorry for being disrespectful, but you should've either all sat in business or economy.
The thing that bothers me the most in business class, is people - like yourself ...


leave your details Staff I work with have had similar experiences with Air New Zealand flight crew and flight managers who seem to be more like extremely rude flight *** with huge egos and every...


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Hi there would to say i would not recommend this air line to anyone they have promises that they would look after my grand kids, and have not delived they have been traveling for over 24 hour and still now have no idea were they are.... All clueless staff so much for a 8 hour flight, not happy still kids are unknown...
My friends and I flew with Air New Zealand over Christmas. Our luggage was lost and we were stranded without warm clothing, basic necessities and of course our holiday gifts. The airline misplaced 1/4 of the flights bags and of course blamed it on the weather conditions. We understood that these things happen but my complaint is not about lost baggage but about the way they handled us. Over the next week, we were given over 15 different phone...
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I have flown Air New Zealand multiple times in the past year, in fact, I've just earned Silver status and am quickly on my way to gold status with this airline. You would think the problems regarding the true, factual experiences of a more valued customer would be heeded, but this is not the case. Without whining about the details, a brief summary of the factual events are below. I am happy to discuss in greater detail, and am willing to provide...
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QFforever With so much information available on line these days most consumers know what they are getting before they get it. People never read web sites properly and that's where the ...


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