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Worked there for 3 years. Made lots of money, heck of a tax debt, and a new car. I worked hard and saturated my town and everywhere around within 75 mile radius. It awesome used correctly. Yes there is a "pro aqua" that is Perdy much the same with no internal filters. And it's a little cheaper. Hope your dealers were honest and accessible to any customers here. I can say I did my job however as with any job, it works for some and not for others. Personal opinion maybe but seems to me if a guy really did it right it would not be hard not to sell to anyone because we all have to clean the house. Wet dirt don't fly. Why would u not see that?
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Conway, Arkansas

No such thing as a free gift

Had the salespeople come out (fortunately I had checked this site for complaints and was forewarned) and they conveniently hadn't brought the supposedly free gift that they had already promised me. We listened for 2 hours to their hard-sell spiel, and the demonstration and we declined their many enticing (NOT) ways to pay for their over-priced machine. They were nice enough, and when they were through, gave us the pitch for names as referrals, the wonderful wages they earned and left, promising to mail the paperwork for the weekend get-away that was the whole reason they were coming out, so that they didn't have to mail it. They said they would mail it from Rolla, MO office and 3 weeks later, what a surprise, nothing has shown up. So save your time and energy, and don't let them come for a visit, just for a gift. You may or may not get it, and I'm betting on the latter.
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Same story here except the gift was a 130.00 air freshener. We sat through Richard Creamer's spiel including the sad story of losing his wife, so he had to be honest.

He said it might take months to come from Fl so I waited months. Then his phone is not in service at this time. I called the Fl office and they gave me another discontinued number. When I called back, their number was not in service!

What kind of company has their posted web site office number as a cell phone??? Slimy company, slimy workers.

You can call *** at 708-468-**** and ask him where is the missing air freshener and why did he use his dead wife to scam people. SHAME ON YOU ***


Email them or call them: airessentialsrolla@***.com; 573.426.3026. Just let them know when your show was and they will mail your gift.

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New Reviewer

Stay Away from HYLA

Stay away from a company called Air Essentials, they are total rip off artists. This is how they suckered me and did not pay me for the hard work I did. They placed an ad on craiglist saying they offer $625 Base+Commission, what they don't tell you is that you have to meet impossible odds to make the $625 Base. The company is owned by Jason and Kayla Hall and they are the worst people I've ever met. They teach you to lie to people when visiting their home and give them a HYLA that is way too much money. I decided to try it because I've worked sales jobs before and decided to give it a go. I soon found myself strapped for money and out of gas because they never bothered to give me any incentives for traveling. They make you sign a BS agreement saying that you will only get the $625 if you meet certain criteria, but they make exceptions for people who actually sell the HYLA. First of all, they tell you to go to your family and friends saying it's just a demonstration, but once you get there they want you to sell it to them for a whopping $2495, way too much money. They also lie and say that you will get paid if you have a slow week, again lie after lie. They told me that I would make a lot of money and I needed to stay positive, but how can you stay positive if you aren't making any money because the machine is overpriced and they don't offer any incentives like gas money or contests to keep you motivated, just sell, sell, sell. I went out and worked hard for these people and they did not pay me a dime. They only gave me $20 for getting 15 door registrations in a day, what a joke. The price of gas is high and $20 might barely get a quarter of a tank. The HYLA itself is a joke and it comes with accessaries that are not labled saying if it is safe to use or not. They give you glycol and other oil based products that have not been regulated by the EPA and they lie about how it will kill germs and bacteria and clean your air at the same time. How can dirt in water help clean the air, another myth. These people are good *** artists and will exploit elderly and young couples who do not know any better. They told me that I think too much, because I was on to their ***. This was the worst company I ever worked for and the machine is overpriced and they do nothing buy lie to you the entire time. Stay away from Air Essentials and do not get a HYLA.
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Typical comment from a disgruntled ex sales rep who blames everyone and everything for their own failure. The base pay is always based on certain requirements that need to be fullfilled which is also explained up front.

Its not the companies or the products fault that you were not successfull.

Not everyone is made for this job but their are sales rep who are doing a great job selling this awesome product very successfull. BTW the product is worth every penny


If you aren't going to get paid anyway, why should anyone bust their butt to sell sell sell? What's the point? What anyone working this and other peddling jobs like it should be doing is, they should be spending their time searching for a REAL job that offers REAL pay and benefits.

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Mission, Kansas

HYLA is a scam

I worked for a company called Air Essential and they lied to me saying that I would make $625 base+ commission. I was told that I would get paid later that week, which was a lie and once I sat down in the meeting I was given a sheet saying I would have to meet this impossible quota, which was getting 72 referrals, 12 demonstrations and 50 door registrations and if I didn't I would not make a dime. I thought the owner would be a little compassionate for people who did not sell anything that week, what was I thinking. He made it seem as though the product was easy to sell and people would just give out money like buying groceries. They claim the machine is safe and they have items like "Glycol" that come with the machine as a deoderizer. I found out that Glycol is also found in antifreeze and the labels do not say if it is safe or not, kinda makes you wonder. They also lie about winning a $1000 dollars to potential customers, just to get into their house so they can scam them once they are in, preying on the elderly and young couples. The whole outfit is a total scam, speaking from someone who has sales experience and have made quite a bit from them. They also lie about how a dealer get's paid saying they will give you $200 for the first sale and $200 on the next two sales, just to get their dealers exited so they can make money off of them. They pay under the table to workers who can bring in money and if you happen to have a bad week forget about ever getting paid. The HYLA is on both eBay and craigslist for under the price a dealer will quote. The scam is to try to get you to finance the machine for no money down and then stick you with a bill for $93 that will take more than ten years to pay off, just so the finance company can kill you with interest payments. The *** is to get excited about the product and say "wow I cannot believe you are really getting that deal," when all of the while they are just trying to convince you to buy right at that time. The dealers for this peddle this product like snake oil and lie about the machine to get an unexpected customer to spend money they really don't have to buy it and get stuck with a bill you cannot get out of. The machine itself is a drippy mess and if it is not dumped regularly it will have your house smelling like a toilet. These jerks even charge you for the fragerance oils if you run out and totally overprice them. Please do not fall for the games of the dealers who sell this item. Don't get me wrong, if you buy it and it works for you great, but take my word for it, never let a door to door salesman try to sell you this, because they will smile in your face(fake smile) and lie to you about it. The whole operation is nothing but a scam and Mr. Glassman the owner should be ashamed of having his owners teach lies to dealers so he can make a quick buck. This company has left me broke although I put all of my time into working hard for these scam artists and as far as I'm concerned they owe me for my hard work, sweat and energy going door to door and burning gas.
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I have worked doing D2D with hyla. It was the outfit before air essentials.

Although they had their issues, they were legit in any respects. However, I do agree with the impossible quota standards. I never once hit it, but even then I sold at least 2 a week. It takes a special person to do this type of sales.

But it can and will leave you broke. I have personally seen them give the 1k to customers, so it May just be the owner.

I personally would love to have my own business in this, as I would run it much better. Anyway, it's not all a scam, the product is excellent but management is the issue.


I believe she misspoke some on the number and time frames, but all in all it is a scam... she just needed to point out the real scam here.

its getting a high employee turnover with the first sales being 200 so that they maximize the profit because they are usually your practice sales with family and friend whom you are more comfortable with and can easily *** without even meaning to into buying this product. it is a good product but is simply put *** to buy. if the product ability to better the quality of life was so extreme like the demo presents then why do the life spans of people only rise as time moves on. dust and allergens, bacteria and infection were way worse 50 years ago when this was not around.

plus it is nearly impossible to return.

the other comments are either from an employer or a wealthy person who has no problem wasting money cause they usually live a fruitful but meaningless and useless life. so buying ridiculously priced things is the only way to make themselves feel better.


1) As in any job you get paid when you work. Even if do not sell but at least make an effort (bring referrals, do door registrations, demonstrate the product) you will get paid. By just doing that you usually will sell and make more in commission than the base pay. You have to understand that no company will pay you for not doing anything!

2) Glycol is safe! You are not supposed to drink it. But it is alcohol based and helps disinfecting. The $1,000 are real. I attended multiple regional meetings where the winners were drawn and a check was written on the spot.

3) I don't understand why you think getting paid $200 for the first 3 sales is a scam.

4) Only Hylas purchased from authorized distributors are covered under the factory warranty. The machines on ebay or craigslist are used. You find almost every product used and without warranty on ebay or craigslist for a significant lower price. If you have a little bit of common sense and math skills you will see that 10 years for the financing is completely off. If you really stick to your minimum payment you should done after 3 years. When you sign the finance agreement you see your monthly payment, i.e. $93. If you sign that knowing that your budget is only $50 you cannot blame anyone but yourself for it! It is common sense to empty the dirty water after using the Hyla. I assume you also do not flush your toilet and wonder why your house smells!

5) Well, I think everything said shows that it is not a scam. It is a good product. It just seemed that direct sales is not made for you. Maybe you have to work in a factory and get paid hourly. But please don't blame your failure on Hyla.


It is a scam and it is obvious that you are one of those *** artists. Karma will come back to *** you in the ***.

Especially if you are Jason or Kayla Fawe. Pieces of trash.


Wow, if you have ever talked to Jason or Kayla, you would quickly realize that they're not "pieces of trash". Just because the job they offered you didn't work out doesn't make the company a "scam" either.

It's sales...and it's not for everybody..but they do have representatives that make a very good living. Again, just because it didn't work for you or the above disgruntled people, doesn't mean that they are doing any wrong to people.


I agree with anonymous. I am not a rich woman by no means, but the Hyla has dramatically changed my breathing since I started using it 3 months ago.

I use the glycol regularly. Glycol is actually used in Healthcare facilities to sanitize the air to reduce the spread of infection. You can ask anyone that works in a facility and they'll confirm it. I have not had one respiratory infection since I've started using it and I'm usually plagued with them for months during the winter months so that alone has made this "overpriced" machine worth the money.

It's all about what u can and cannot afford. They have 3 or 4 different flexible payment plans to choose from and u can pay it off whenever u want. I've bought a lot of things that I've regretted buying but this cleaning system is not one of them. The only thing I'd have changed would have been the sales person that I bought it from.

I'll hand it to them, they were passionate about the product, but they were in no way, shape or form the brightest bulb in the box. Nice, just definitely not my kind of personality. Was very pushy when it came to getting me to provide names and numbers for contacts even tho I told them that none of my friends and family would be able to afford the machine and most of them rent. Hyla wants home owners and ppl who tend to be more financially stable.

They even called the couple people that I did give them the names of without me authorizing them to call the individuals. So that was frustrating.

Not to mention the rep kept trying to convince me to sell the hyla machines after I told them thanks but no thanks. But the products themselves are awesome and well worth the money if u can afford it.

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Mission, Kansas
New Reviewer

HYLA is a SCAM!!!!

I started working for the company Air Essentials after they put a fake ad on craigslist. I thought it was legit saying it paid $625 a week without sales experience...first clue. Second went to the interview and they had an office that looked as though they were only in there temporarily...second clue. I was offered the job and the first day they said you have to meet a quota of going door to door giving door regee's as they called them offering customers a $1000 in cash.They did say we would get paid weekly and so far I haven't seen anything at all. I was only given $20 for getting door regee's and that doesn't help, considering how high gas is. They also told us to make up some BS lie saying people would get $1000 in cash, just to *** on way into the door. I didn't believe it was cash, only a BS coupon saver or a vacation they themselves have to pay for. What a crock. I decided to pursue this job instead of using my first mind and quitting, well at least running out of the door as fast as I could. I was told that I would have to do at least 50 door regee's and have 72 referrals, which seemed pretty absurd if you ask me, it almost seemed impossible to do. I was told to go to family and friends and offer this BS and have them buy or finance this $2495 beast. Who..."really" is going to pay that much money for an air purifier and vacuum, come on. No one I talked to wanted to purchase the product for that amount. I feel as though I wasted most of my time and just yesterday I was given a lead by the owner to go to a customers house and once I go there, they told me the guy did not say what the meeting was about even after they called them to set up a demo. The customers wife did not know anything about it, pretty shady. I practically wasted my GD time driving out there and burning up almost all of my gas for nothing, they were pretty nice about letting me in, but the practices of the company are extremely shady and they should go out of business. Nothing but lies and deciet from this company. The product works great, but do your homework first before applying to this ad. I had other job offers I turned down to do this BS just to find out it was a scam. Usually something that seems to good to be true, usually is. I just hope these bastards pay me the money for busting my *** all week. I need to look into getting a lawyer because they've put me in more debt than I already was in.
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You must be pretty lazy to not be able to knock on 10 doors a day.


They're in monticello, IL 12/11/14


I don't buy products from a company that rips off their so-called employees.


I started working for Hyla in January 2009. Before I started here I worked at a nursing home making minimum wage. I knew making that kind of money I would get nowhere in life. My husband started working for Hyla in August 2008. We both knew the opportunities were endless when it came to the money we knew we could make. Sure there was work to be put in, as there is with any job, but we controlled our paycheck. Our first few weeks were tough just getting used to the base pay and sales, but it didn’t take long to catch on. Within a couple of months we were the top dealers in the nation making an above average income. That was the end of our minimum wage living ever again. We have successfully been with Hyla for over 4 years and couldn’t imagine our lives without it. Sure when we first started there were negative things people had to say about it. "You can't make any money there" "This is a scam" but we knew we had to see for ourselves before we gave up on the opportunity. And what a great opportunity this had become!

Jessie Maxwell

T&T Cleaning Systems


Your welcome. Pass it along, they are a total rip off.


Thanks for the heads up! I wont buy anything from them...

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Mission, Kansas

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