Ahold Sparkling Bottled Water Reviews

I am miserable! Has this product been discontinued? Please say no! I need my Peach Apricot back! Please tell me that you are brining it back. I can't find anything as good. No one who works at the two stores that I shop in can answer this question. At least educate the employees on Stop and Shop brands. I would really hate to start looking at other markets for a product similar to Clear Splash. Polar and seltzer are way too carbonated...
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I didn't like
  • You do not carry clear splash flavored water
I live in Springfield MA, Western MA and I've drank this for years, I go through at least 8 bottles a week! I really miss it and I hope it's only temporary off the shelves. Is it going to come back on the shelves or it is gone for good? I would like to think it is only temporary, I can not find any thing else even close to this beverage, please tell me it is not gone forever!! Please put S&S Clear Splash Flavored Sparkling water back into USA...
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