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Ageless Exteriors - Review in Home Construction and Repair category from Tampa, Florida

This is by far the best roofing company to work with. They explain the roofing process so anyone can understand it. They will work for you and help with the insurance process. The clean up and the way they treated my yard was awesome. Thanks so much guys. I love my new roof.
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They helped my mom with her roof too! They roofers were on time and did a great job.

The clean up was great and they were finished in just two days. We couldnt be happier with the services that were provided. About a week later mom got a phone call to follow up and make sure that everything was ok. I mean...

Who does that. Great customer service.

Derrick B Ope
map-marker Birmingham, Alabama

Ageless Exteriors is a roofing scam company

Ageless Exteriors rep came to my house and said they had insurance and license and had been in the Birmingham area for a long time. I found out they had NO insurance, License, and was a storm chasing company. I had to make out a check to a Jim Browning whom I'd never met. They roofed my house before I knew all this and then it was *** to pay to get them to come back after I had paid them. I'm lucky, it could have been worse since I had to give them a check up front.
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Do not trust Paul Krugman with any part of your home. Do not work for this guy.

Stay away from this guy as much as you can. He is a thief and a liar. Not to be trusted.

He was run off from the Atlanta area and now I understand he is terrorizing the good people of Alabama. You better keep you distance from this cat!

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Ageless is a very honest and loyal company. They have both insurance AND a business license.

If you go to their website you can check them out. As for past customer reviews???

you can call the office at any time and they can give you a list a mile long of everyone they have helped. They are an advocate for homeowners when dealing with insurance claims.


Dishonest. Liars! BEWARE! These two guys, Paul Krugman and Jim Browning met with me and offered me a job. Told me that the company I had chosen to work for would rip me off. They told me they had license and insurance. THEY LIED. I found out they did not have insurance and did not have a license.

They way I found out was I knocked on the door of a private investigator who did research on the company - after he had signed a contract and gave me half the money to give to Paul.

I also had sold several LARGE houses and my pay should have been 6,200.00 but they refused to pay me.

When I confronted them about the license and the insurance, Jim told me to just tell homeowners we had insurance through another company. I told him that was not honest. They refused to pay me what they owed me for houses.

I did some research. Paul is wanted by the police in two states. They had NOT roofed a lot of houses in Birmingham and Alabama as they said. Matter of fact, I submit to you, call them and ask them to give you 10 names and addresses of real true homeowners they roofed for. They will not be able to do it! They are great pretenders!

Do not trust these two nor this company!

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I totally agree that you should check out anyone that you hire. You should call and check their referrals, their reputation etc.

it is so refreshing that when you do that this company stands out. they are the real deal. They do great work and will take care of your home with care and concern like it was their own.

I agree check them out... I did and I could not have been happier with the work that they did.


This company replaced my roof at my house in Liberty Park. It was the damndest thing I've ever seen.

First a salesman came, then someone named Paul. Then someone named Jim wanted me to make a check out to him, whom I'd never met. Then I found out throught the salesman who quit them that they didn't have insurance and license to do the work.

They messed up all my landscaping and Jim never came back to fix it like he said they would.

WATCH IT! These people are scary!

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john e Joq
map-marker Saint Petersburg, Florida

Ageless exteriors birmingham is a bad company

Updated by user Jul 26, 2011

Update: Paul Krugman and Ageless Exteriors continues to owe me $6,200.00 and continue to do work with NO insurance. They are not a credible company.

The lie to you. Steal from you. Tell you they have insurance but they don\'t, tell their sales people to tell people they have license and they have insurance which they didn\'t have - and still don\'t have insurance.

NEVER use this company.

Check them out before you even talk to them.

They are perfect ROOF *** ARTIST! This is the company your momma warned you about!

Original review Jun 25, 2011
Ageless exteriors in birmingham alabama should never be used. They are not what they pretend to be. They are not a local roofing company. They do not have the proper insurance nor license to do the work. Sketchy and scary is how I would describe them. Paul Krugman is nothing but a used car salesman. Stay away. You've been warned. They will pretend to be the best but they are not. I learned the hard way. If you need more info email me. Usmcwoofbham@***.com. storm chasing at its best. Skeeeeeeeeetcheeeeee!!!!! That is the honest truth. Don't get taken like I did to the tune of 6000.00 dollars.
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I owns three houses in Bessemer. These mens came to my house and were so dishonest I had to ask them to leave or i was going to call the law.

I got mad cause they told me they were registered with the BBB. I found out they were NOT registered and didnt even have a license in the state. Its men like this that hurt all businesses in Birmingham and hurts all homeowners.

I stood up for myself.

Paul thought he could take advantage of this African American but he learned otherwise. Thats all I got to say!


BAD bad business decision if you go with these two men. warning!

Check out better business bur. Call the attorney generals office.

Do your homework. OR, get taken for a ride!


Paul Krugman is a scammer. Do not trust him nor Jim Browning. Both are dishonest and will not do what they say they will.


I agree with John in Birmingham. Paul is one of the most dishonest guys I've ever met.

He appears to be a bad used car salesman.

That's why he has people like myself and John to go to the door getting contracts, because if Paul came to your door you would shut it and call the cops. That's how bad this guy is.


I worked for these guys, Paul Krugman and Jim Browning, and let me just say that they are crooked, lie, cheat, and dishonest to homeowners and workers. They owe me money.

They lied to me and homeowners saying they had insurance and a license and they didn't.

They are storm chasers, scammers. DO NOT TRUST them with your home and def do not trust them if you decide to work for them.


I just spoke with Paul Krugman this morning and asked him to pay me what he owes me and my son from 6 months back. He and Jim Browning told me they would pay me 50% of the profit if I did all the work. They owe me 6,200 to this day. I did the work on some big houses, door to door, got the contract signed, got the first check cause Paul had to have that to buy material cause I found out he had no credit, finished the work, went back and got the final checks of several big houses and then a week later they would not pay me.

I found out, and quit, that they didn't have insurance, license, and told me to just tell the home owners they worked off another man's insurance.

These two scammers are not fun to work with. They took me to the bank. I later found out that Paul did this in Atlanta and also is wanted by two state police departments, bad checks. I talked with Paul's brother in atlanta who owns a large roofing company and he said to me, "RUN" and don't look back. Paul stole money from his own brother and his brother told me NOT to give him my ssn or address or any credit card info. Because he would steal from you.

THESE GUYS ARE DISHONEST and will not do what they say, are dishonest to homeowners, and still have no insurance. BEWARE of them and a salesman named Brian. They will not treat you right.


Paul will do you wrong. He will not pay you nor keep his end on the deals.

He had no license and no insurance yet he lied to me and homeowners sayiing he did. Do not let this guy do to you what he did to me.


John, Paul doesn't have any "men". He has no employees.

He is a broker...pure and simple...he is a middle man. He has NOT ONE employee. I'd encourage ANYONE who wants to do business with Paul - have him to give you 10 (he can't) names of homeowners he has replaced roofs in the Birmingham area.

Call whatever names he gives you and ask them about Pauls work performance and how hard it is to get in touch with Paul once he gets the final check. Your eyes will be open and John, well, you sir will be made into the liar you are.


Trust me, do not use this company. Paul is a *** artist!

Check him out! Don't go to Angie's list - that is just a paid advertisement. The people at ABC supply will not tell you the truth, they just want Paul to buy material from them.

Ask Paul to give you 10 names of homeowners in the Birmingham area that he has done work for. He can't do that!


I check this site out at least three times a week. Whomever said Paul - of all people - made their house look like a home???

That is funny ***! Paul doesn't have a home. Nor an office. Nor a license that is real.

Nor insurance. And the little boy named Brian who is the one that has to go to the door because Paul would make the children cry for a week can't keep his eyes of your wife!

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