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Ive had to send my engagement ring back for a loose stone which was fixed no issues. Then my band lost a stone. I sent it back ans they claim to have never recieved it. I sent the ring certified mail so i knownit was recieved. In gave them the info and was told the the post office must of made a mistake. Then i had to speak with 4 different peiple before they could even find my account and they told me they had no record of my order meanwhile 1...
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Anonymous We are very sorry to hear that you have gone through this, obviously since you have had the rings for 4 years we are not a scam.We are happy that you stated the rings were bea...


LadyScot That ring looks expensive. I am wondering why you sent it certified, which only needs a signature at delivery, (and anyone in the office can sign for a package unless it is a ...

Agape screwed up my ring 3 yrs ago and refused to fix it correctly. Given my ring was 90% perfect, i let it go. Stone fell out recently, i sent it in for a new stone. I think they are under new ownership or management now cuz the guy i spoke to wasnt there and he was super helpful, got my ring made exactly the way i wanted it. However, it is due to their scewup BUT it has been corrected and i couldnt be happier! The top ring was the...
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