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Affordable Dentures in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Bad!!!

Horrible scheduling practices that office staff does not disclose.
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Affordable Dentures in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Would NEVER recommend

26 teeth removed with 3 teeth broken, a take home script of 850 mg ibprofen, absolutely the worst receptionist ever and she never improved no matter how nice you are to her. The appointment are in2 hr block times, refitted and refitted and still nothing fits. What happened to paying top dollar and excecting exceptional service. Over $4000 /7 months later still not resolved. I work really hard for my money and i swear if they break like I'm reading in reviews, I will let the attorney general deal with them. What a joke!! This is the Affordable Denture in Albuquerque,NM USA!!
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The location in Pembroke Pines Florida is the WORST starting with the receptionist to office manager. The office manager was anything but Professional, she was just as rude as the techs and receptionist.

If I had the corporate number I would call them and complain. I will be going to the local news station because I'm sure we're not the only one who have complaints about this office.

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Bad quality

Affordable Dentures - Dentures Review from Albuquerque, New Mexico

I made an appt for a new set of dentures in the office in Albuquerque NM & when I got there the receptionist was very rude they have 2 lady's in the front office but the one with short hair was rude not only to me but I sat for 3 1/2 hrs & seen the way she was with customers no smile or friendliness. I pd for the custom denture with I regret cuz they came out awful yellow n the teeth were gritting n didn't line toghether. The bottom ones were just as bad they looked gray as if I had cavities on my dentures. I hate to go back to these people & wait 3 wks like I did at first just so they might get it right next down the drain for sure. Gonna do my research next time..
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Will you learn your lesson? Maybe so, maybe not.

Probably, like most denture patients, you will just call around to see who can make you the cheapest dentures, and go with them.

You assume all dentures are the same, and they are not.

There are dentists who take six appointments to fabricate dentures, and offer unlimited adjustments for 6 months. They use quality labs and quality teeth. Many times others cannot even tell you are wearing dentures.

To make dentures like this requires years of experience. Young dentists right out of school are seldom good at it.

To make dentures right like this takes a lot of time. A lot of time spent means they will not be cheap.

Typically, $1500 or more PER DENTURE. And you will never have this type of dentures, because you want dentures cheap.

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Affordable Dentures - Premium Dentures Review

I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone it's horrible. I pd for the premium dentures & when I received them they were gritty & I told the nurse it felt like the teeth weren't attached good & I was afraid they would break off. She said oh no they won't & tried to get me out the office as fast as she could & said if you still have problems later just come back.yeah right!! I waited 2 wks for my dentures cuz they kept trying to make me chicklet dentures. If I wanted chicklets I would have went to walgreens. The place is unprofessional & need more experienced workers.
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So why did you go to a place like this to get dentures made? Was it the advertising on TV that you should have ignored?

You went to this place because you wanted cheap dentures.

No one can make quality dentures cheap. It is a complicated and expensive process.

It takes a lot of time and lab expenses to make dentures. To do it right, I refer to photos of patients when young to see what their natural teeth looked like.

Next time, go to a dentist who owns his own practice, probably an older one, that makes dentures.

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Affordable Dentures in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Long Wait Times

Everything on the front end was good. But when you get fitted for your permanent dentures they treat like you like you were asking for a hand out. They won't make you an appointment and you are at their mercy as to when they can fit you in. They already have your money so sit down and shut up. I waited for 3 hours and had to leave. Went back the next day took 1 1/2 hours. Took another 2 weeks to make and then the same thing 3 hours of sitting there waiting to be squeezed in like an after thought.
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